10 Popular Telehealth Jobs in Behavioral Health

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The popularity of remote, work-from-home, or telehealth jobs is increasing as workers want a better work-life balance. Remote work may be right for you if you don’t have access to reliable transportation or have family responsibilities that would improve by working from home. For telehealth job listings in the behavioral health industry, check out the available job listings for telehealth job openings on Behavioral Health Jobs. 

Is Remote Telehealth Work Right for You? 

As the world shifts to a more digital landscape, remote telehealth work is becoming increasingly popular. With this shift, it’s important to understand if remote telehealth work is the right fit for you.  

Remote healthcare offers many benefits, such as flexibility and convenience. Working remotely allows workers to create their own schedules and have more control of their lives than they would in a traditional office setting. Additionally, remote telehealth workers have access to the same resources and technology as their in-person counterparts, making it easier for them to provide the best care possible.  

Another advantage of working remotely is being able to provide more personalized care for each patient. Telehealth professionals can work with patients on an individual level and get to know them better, which often leads to improved outcomes. They can also develop relationships with their patients and provide the most up-to-date treatments.  

Remote telehealth work is not for everyone, though, and it’s important to consider what type of environment you thrive in before making a decision. It takes a certain level of self-motivation to be successful in this type of work, and it’s important to make sure you have the necessary skills to manage your time effectively. Additionally, it can often feel isolating to work remotely, so having a good support system is essential for mental health and well-being. 

The Benefits of Remote Telehealth Work  

Many people have made the switch to remote or work-from-home jobs since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. There are many benefits of working remotely, but some of the most significant benefits include the following: 

  • Better work-life balance 
  • More time to spend with family and loved ones 
  • More time for yourself 
  • You may have more flexibility in scheduling or hours of operation 
  • Improved health and wellness 
  • Save money by eating at home and not having to put gas in your car 
  • Full-time remote work provides health insurance plans just as in-person work does 
  • Work from the comfort of your own home 
  • Can help cut childcare costs 
  • No stress of a daily commute  

If you are interested in a remote telehealth job in the behavioral health field, browse the available listings on the Behavioral Health Jobs archive. We will outline some popular options below. 

10 Popular Telehealth Jobs in Behavioral Health 

The behavioral health field has adapted to meet the new demand for telehealth capabilities resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Some popular telehealth behavioral health jobs include: 

1. Telehealth Counselor 

As a Telehealth Counselor, you will have a full caseload helping patients with behavioral and mental health issues. A support team will be working for you on billing, marketing, and technical support. License requirements for this position include GA, LMFT, LCSW, and LPC. 

2. Talk Therapist 

Talk Therapists will provide behavioral health support remotely with any behavioral health issues. You will assist with patients’ mental health needs and perform evaluations to determine if they need more than talk therapy. License requirements for this position include a clinical license, NPI, and CAQH. 

3. Remote Licensed Mental Health Therapist, School Health 

You will provide high-quality virtual mental health services for elementary, middle, and high school students. This position allows you to work with students every day and profoundly impact students’ mental health. License requirements for this position include LCSW, LMHC, LPC, or CPC. 

4. Outpatient Therapist 

This position will perform intakes and assessments for new patients to determine their mental health needs. You will be responsible for psychotherapy interventions and collaborate with healthcare professionals to discuss treatment interventions. License requirements for this position include LPC, LCSW, LNFT, LPC-IT, and APSW. 

5. Art Therapist 

As an Art Therapist, you will perform telehealth interventions using art therapy techniques and skills appropriate for the patient’s age. As well as perform remote initial and ongoing assessments of patients’ conditions and needs. License requirements for this position include ATR, ATR-BC, ATCB. 

6. Private Practice Psychotherapist 

You will provide compassionate counseling and perform initial assessments via remote video chat. In addition, you will create recovery-oriented treatment plans using evidence-based approaches for treating a variety of mental health issues. License requirements for this position include LMSW, LCSW, and LMHC. 

7. Telehealth Social Worker 

You will provide clinical behavioral health care services in this position. You will help patients of all ages cope with day-to-day problems and diagnose and treat emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues. License requirements for this position include LMFT, LPCC, and LCSW. 

8. Remote Assessment Specialist 

A Remote Assessment Specialist will field calls for psychiatric services and prioritize calls based on need and severity. You will also assist in discharging patients and provide in-network support and develop a discharge plan with the patient. License requirements for this position include LPC, LCSW, LMSW, LMFT, and RN. 

9. ABA Case Specialist/Parent Trainer 

As an ABA Case Specialist, you will work one-on-one with each client’s case via telehealth services. You will provide parents with education and training, oversee the client’s treatment goals and progress, and submit assessment reports for initial authorization and updated treatment plans. License requirements for this position include 12 units of ABA coursework and one year of ABA experience. 

10. Clinical Therapist 

This role is responsible for counseling, reporting, administering, and delivering therapeutic services to children, adults, and families. You will work independently, providing weekly telehealth services through a HIPAA-compliant platform. Plus, you will consult monthly with the Clinical Director to discuss ongoing treatment plans. License requirements for this position include LMSW, LPC, LLPC, CAADC, and CADC.   

View listings to find available telehealth behavioral health jobs in your area. 

Browse Through All of the Telehealth Jobs at Behavioral Health Jobs 

The popularity of work-from-home or remote jobs has opened up many job opportunities for workers looking for a better work-life balance. Telehealth services allow therapists and administrators to help patients from home using the latest technology. If you are interested in telehealth jobs in the behavioral health industry, check out the available job listings on the Behavioral Health Jobs website. 

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