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The job market has changed over the last two years. Work-from-home or telework jobs became necessary during the pandemic, but now this new work model is here to stay. There are many benefits of telework for employees and employers. Studies show that there are financial benefits and an improvement in work productivity and employee morale. If you are interested in work-from-home or telework jobs, click here to explore job listings for telework jobs in the behavioral health industry.

Telehealth Jobs in Behavioral Health

Employees who do not have direct contact with patients or co-workers can easily adapt to telecommuting. Most people already have the necessary equipment and internet service to work from home, and Internet Service Providers can handle most video conferencing needs without additional costs. Plus, most consumer laptops, tablets, and desktop computers come standard with audio and video capabilities that are fine for streaming video conferences and presentations.

The type of behavioral health jobs you can work from home include:

  • Remote Customer Service Representative
  • Online therapist
  • Medical case review
  • Case management
  • Remote crisis counselor

5 Benefits of Telework Jobs

Telehealth jobs are becoming more and more popular with single parents, young professionals, and older employees whose health makes it easier to work from home. There are financial benefits for employees and employers alike. Plus, air quality improves with fewer drivers on the road every day.

Five benefits of telehealth jobs include:

  1. An increase in employee satisfaction. Research shows a high majority of work-from-home employees are happier and more productive. Contrary to popular belief, employees who work from home are more productive. They can focus more on their work and get more done without the typical office distractions, like water cooler chit-chat and smoke breaks. As morale increases, so will retention. Happy employees have no reason to look for other work.
  2. A better work-life balance. Many single parents who cannot afford daycare or after-school care can benefit from telecommuting. They can better manage their time to include being there for their children while keeping up with their work schedule. The more employers see how telework can benefit them and their employees, the more accepting they will be to adapting to a telework model.
  3. A reduction in operating costs. By allowing employees to work from home, business owners can cut costs by reducing operating time in the office. Those who continue to see an increase in their yearly lease can downsize to a smaller office with most of their staff working from home. You can reinvest that money into your company and employees.
  4. Savings for employees. Without driving or commuting to work five days a week, employees will see less money going out each month. And those who eat lunch at restaurants every day will see significant savings as they no longer spend $15-$20 per meal.
  5. Increased flexibility. Not everyone is at their best first thing in the morning. Some employees are more productive at night and prefer to work in the evening rather than the morning. Many behavioral health jobs can easily be done from home and at all hours of the day. Typically, this would not work in a 9-5 situation, but telework allows for more flexibility and lets employees work the hours that are best for them.

Learn More About the Benefits of Telework Behavioral Health Jobs

Telework has many benefits, and many employers are beginning to implement permanent work-from-home jobs in multiple industries. The cost for employees and employers to adapt to remote work is minimal, and many employees already have the necessary equipment to work from home. If you are searching for telework behavior health jobs, Behavioral Health Jobs is an excellent place to explore job listings for current behavioral health jobs.

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