5 Components of a Resume in Mental Health

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When applying for a job in the mental health industry, it’s not like filling out an application at fast food or retail stores and handing it to the manager. You have to take the time to craft a mental health job resume that reflects who you are, the job requirements you are applying for, your experience, and your goals for your future. To begin your new career search, check out the available job listings on the Behavioral Health Jobs website. 

Behavioral Health Jobs offers you a directory of behavioral health jobs in your city and surrounding areas for job candidates looking for an exciting and rewarding career in the behavioral health industry. We specialize in the mental health and behavioral health industry to combat the growing mental health crisis we face today. Continue reading to learn more about the components of a mental health job resume, then check out the available job listings and find your new career today. 

Your Resume is a Company’s First Impression of You

Your resume is your foot in the door to an exciting opportunity with room for growth and advancement. To get in that door, you need to create a resume that is professional and well-written. Too many times, job candidates will not create a quality resume and kill their chances of getting a phone call. 

Hiring Managers and recruiters see hundreds of resumes for a single position. How can you make yours stand out above the others? Resume building is more than just the resume itself. A cover letter is an excellent way to introduce yourself and why you feel you are the right candidate for the position. Plus, it gives you a better chance to show your style and personality.

5 Components of a Resume for Mental Health Jobs

If you have never created a resume before, resume building can feel like an impossible task. Most people feel uncomfortable talking about themselves or boasting about their accomplishments, and resumes are all about boasting. Employers want to hear from you, and your resume for mental health jobs is the only way to get the position of your dreams. 

Here are five components of a resume that you need to include: 

  1. Contact information – Your resume should include your full name, address, home and cell phone, and email address. Make sure the information is correct. A common mistake many people make is not updating their contact information after they move.
  1. Introduction/Summary – This section is a chance to introduce yourself, why you are qualified for the position, your experience, and how you can contribute to the organization. You want to sell yourself professionally and still show some of your personality.
  1. Work experience – List your work experience in chronological order, starting with your most recent experience. Include company name, position title, and dates of employment. Include 3-5 bullet points about specific tasks and job duties.
  1. Special skills and certifications – List any skills and certifications you have that are relevant to the position.
  1. Education – List all undergraduate and postgraduate education degrees, plus any professional licenses or certifications. Be sure to include college name, subject of study, GPA, and graduation date.

Be sure to check your grammar. Create a resume that is well-written with no spelling or grammatical errors. Have a friend or colleague go over it to ensure you did not miss anything.

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Behavioral Health Jobs contains thousands of mental and behavioral health jobs in your city and surrounding areas. After perfecting your mental health job resume, search through our available job listings to find the job that best matches your experience and career goals. 

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