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Over the past year, remote jobs in healthcare have been opening up faster than ever before. Employers in many fields have learned the benefits of remote positions and found more ways to incorporate freelancers and remote employees into their workforce. This also rings true with behavioral health jobs, which can greatly expand your opportunities since you are no longer limited by location.

If you are looking for the best remote jobs in healthcare, check out the listings on Behavioral Health Jobs. We are dedicated to helping people find meaningful work in the behavioral health field at any stage of their mental health careers.

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  1. Remote Behavioral Health Care Coordinator

As a remote behavioral health care coordinator, you may field calls and web inquiries from people looking for behavioral health services such as treatment at a mental health and addiction treatment center. Often, you will be the first point of contact for a person seeking help to provide the initial assessment and screening. You serve as a liaison between the patient and their care team. You are responsible for following up with the patient to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment plan and report back to other team members the need for any modifications.

Employers may require a bachelor’s degree in a health-related field and some field experience in care coordination. A degree or experience in social work is beneficial for this position, though not required. 

  1. Telehealth Mental Health Therapist

As a telehealth mental health therapist, you will be responsible for providing therapy for a caseload of patients via phone, online chat, or video conference. You provide an assessment for each new patient and design a customized treatment plan that includes session frequency and patient goals. As sessions take place, you may update the treatment plan accordingly.

Employers will require a master’s degree in social work or psychology and a relevant independent license such as LICSW (Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker) or LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor). In some cases, an employer may prefer candidates with a doctorate in psychology. 

  1. Remote Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

As a remote licensed clinical social worker, you will assess a new patient’s needs and provide therapy and advocacy as needed for them and their families. You will work together with other healthcare professionals to ensure that they receive all services they are entitled to. You may conduct your work via phone call, text, chat, or video conference as a remote position. 

Employers will require a master’s or doctorate in social work, supervised field experience, and licensure as an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). Some employers will also accept a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. 

  1. Telehealth Psychiatrist

As a telehealth psychiatrist, you will provide an assessment and therapy for patients via phone or video conference. You may also prescribe and manage medication to help treat mental health conditions. Unlike a mental health therapist, your focus will be more on symptom management with medication. 

Employers will require a medical license and board certification in psychiatry as well as field experience. 

  1. Telehealth Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

As a telehealth psychiatric nurse practitioner, your job will be very similar to a telehealth psychiatrist. You will provide virtual psychotherapy services to patients and prescribe and manage medications for mental health conditions. The main difference will be the education and licensing requirements for the position. 

Employers will require a registered nursing license as well as completion of a nurse practitioner program specializing in mental healthcare. 

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