Addiction Counseling Jobs in Maryland

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, addiction rates were beginning to decline in Maryland. Since 2020, addiction rates have been climbing again as people have struggled with the pandemic that caused major changes in their lives. To meet the growing demand, job candidates will find hundreds of addiction counseling jobs in Maryland that are available today for qualified candidates. Jobs in addiction counseling offer an exciting career path for those who have a strong desire to help individuals from all walks of life.

At Behavioral Health Jobs, our website focuses on jobs in the behavioral health industry. Applicants can search for jobs near them or in another part of the state where the demand is greatest. Jobs in addiction treatment are available at treatment centers, hospitals, community centers, and government facilities throughout the state. To find jobs in addiction counseling, check out the Behavioral Health Jobs website today and browse through the hundreds of available addiction counseling jobs in Maryland. 

Applying for Jobs in Addiction Treatment

Treating addiction is a complicated process that involves a deep understanding of a person’s personal history and any genetic history of abuse. Addiction counselors use talk therapy and other treatment modalities to help patients uncover the root cause of the addiction and begin to process their feelings without causing any negative behaviors or cravings for their substance of choice. 

When applying for jobs in addiction treatment, employers are looking for candidates with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in counseling, psychology, or a related field. Many companies prefer a master’s degree with additional licensing in a specific area, such as substance abuse. Some of the soft skills necessary for jobs in addiction treatment include:

  • Active listening skills
  • Able to show empathy toward patients
  • Excellent time management and computer skills
  • Able to separate work and personal life
  • A strong desire to help others who are struggling with addiction

At Behavioral Health Jobs, our mission is to place job seekers with companies that match their career goals. We offer new jobs daily with helpful tips for building the perfect resume and what to do during a virtual or in-person interview. 

Addiction Counseling Jobs in Maryland

The state of Maryland is working hard to reduce the high number of addiction cases that affect millions of residents. If you are interested in a rewarding career in treating addiction and the underlying causes behind it, here are just some of the available addiction counseling jobs in Maryland that you can apply for today:

  1. Substance Abuse Counselor—As a Substance Abuse Counselor, you will work with individuals to provide them with counseling and case management services. You will conduct intake assessments and develop treatment plans while staying up-to-date with all client records. 
  2. Young Adult PHP Therapist—Working with young adults, therapists will perform weekly therapy sessions for a small caseload of young men and women through group, individual, and family sessions. Qualified applicants will participate in clinical assessments of incoming patients and develop client-centered outpatient and aftercare treatment plans. 
  3. Licensed Outpatient Counselor—As an Outpatient Counselor, you will assist the facility in the overall day-to-day operations while performing assessments, utilization reviews, and other clinical services. Counselors work with patients in group and private therapy and assist the Director as necessary. This position requires state or national certification.
  4. Addiction Counselor – ATS—You will provide rehabilitation services for patients enrolled in a methadone maintenance substance abuse treatment program. Addiction Counselors will build a rapport with each client and work with them in group and private sessions, implement clinical interventions, and educate patients on the dangers of drug abuse. 
  5. Crisis Therapist—A Crisis Therapist is responsible for developing, implementing, and coordinating psychiatric social work services within the company. Candidates for this job will perform full assessments and arrange for appropriate treatment programs to aid in their recovery. This job requires LCSW or LCPC certifications.

If you are interested in applying for addiction counseling jobs in Maryland, you will find hundreds of companies currently hiring near you and all across the state. Many companies now offer remote or hybrid work environments to attract a larger talent pool. 

Find Jobs in Addiction Counseling at Behavioral Health Jobs

At Behavioral Health Jobs, our website contains the best jobs in addiction treatment for individuals who are ready to start a new career. Job seekers can search for jobs by job type or category, experience and education level, and other criteria. To attract more candidates, companies are increasing their starting pay and benefits package and offering more options to improve the work/life balance. 

Check out all of the available addiction counseling jobs on the Behavioral Health Jobs website today. 

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