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Hiring the right person for your healthcare organization can be a frustrating process. How do you know you are attracting the best talent for the job? Will they fit in with your culture? Do they have the skills they say they have? You can take several steps to ensure you find a candidate that is the best fit for the job and your company. 

Behavioral Health Jobs is a directory dedicated to the behavioral health industry. We have all the high-demand healthcare jobs that candidates are eager to fill. Our job board offers jobs for all experience levels and in all departments and categories to help you fill any position you have available. Read on to learn some best hiring practices to help you hire the right person for your healthcare organization. 

Attracting the Right Person for the Job

In the healthcare industry, job growth will reach 23% between 2020 and 2030. This is higher than any other industry as the number of mental health cases is at an all-time high across the U.S. Hiring managers and recruiters will receive hundreds of resumes for a single position, and trying to narrow your selection to a select few can be inundating. 

The first step in hiring the right person is your job description. You want to be sure you include all of the job duties and responsibilities. Plus, pay scale and benefits attract a more qualified candidate. A more detailed job description will discourage under-experienced applicants from applying. 

Best Hiring Practices to Find the Right Candidate for Your Healthcare Organization

There are plenty of hiring practices that you can follow, from using AI software to select the job candidates to using an experienced healthcare job recruiter. If you are in charge of hiring and want a better way to find top candidates, here are five best hiring practices to help you with finding the right person:

  • Use a dedicated job board that specializes in behavioral health. The candidates that send you resumes are specifically looking for jobs in the healthcare industry. You end up with a pool of candidates that are more qualified and match their career goals.  
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion. We live in a diverse world, and your staff should reflect that. You will likely see a more diverse group of patients by hiring candidates from diverse backgrounds. This can help you offer more unique perspectives into therapy to help more people in your community from all walks of life.
  • Use industry-specific assessments to test new candidates. One of the best ways to rule out candidates who take a fake-it-till-you-make-it approach to find a job is using job-skill assessment tests. These tests can confirm the candidates are knowledgeable and are capable of performing the necessary duties and responsibilities.
  • Offer internships for college students. College graduates are eager to start working in the healthcare industry, and you can help build their experience through internships. You get willing young talent to train while working on advanced degrees and certifications. Most times, they are so grateful for the opportunity that they will stay with the company much longer since you are helping them earn valuable experience while continuing their education. 
  • Offer salary and benefits packages that are competitive. The healthcare industry can be a competitive market with organizations increasing their benefits package to entice more qualified workers. Keeping your pay scale and benefits competitive or slightly better will guarantee you will attract better talent to help with hiring the right person. 

Hire the Right Person with the Help of Behavioral Health Jobs 

Nearly 20 million men and women in the U.S. struggle with one or more mental health disorders. Behavioral Health Jobs specializes in behavioral and mental health jobs to help meet the growing demand for qualified therapists, nurses, psychiatrists, and other high-demand healthcare jobs. 

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