Becoming a Certified Counselor

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Becoming a certified counselor takes several years of education and clinical work experience before you can start treating individuals and families. Why should you obtain certification in addition to your degrees? Certification is necessary because it shows that you have experience and knowledge in a specified area and can successfully treat patients. Certified counselor jobs are in high demand across the country to fight the growing mental health epidemic that is facing the country. 

At Behavioral Health Jobs, our website specializes in the behavioral health industry, with thousands of jobs available for administrative, managerial, and clinical positions. To attract qualified candidates, companies are offering enticing benefits and above-average salaries for most positions. You can search for counselor jobs in your city or search in other cities where you would like to relocate and build a new life. If you are interested in a job as a certified counselor, check out all of the available jobs on the Behavioral Health Jobs website today. 

Becoming a Certified Counselor

Becoming a certified counselor is worth the time and effort it will take to treat patients on your own. Treating addiction, depression, relationship issues, and other common problems people face every day is a complicated process that will take a deep understanding of the person’s unique background and personal history. 

Treating mental health disorders takes empathy, active listening skills, an ability to work with all types of people from different backgrounds, and a deep desire to help others. In many cases, people who struggle with depression, substance abuse, or other disorders work in the behavioral health industry as a means to help themselves and others. Additional requirements to become a certified counselor includes the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree in counseling, psychology, or a related field
  • A master’s degree in counseling, social work, or psychology
  • Complete up to 3,000 clinical hours of supervised work
  • Obtain national or state licensing in addiction, marriage counseling, or other specialty areas

Becoming a certified counselor is a worthy career choice for those who have a deep desire to help others. At Behavioral Health Jobs, our website contains the top counselor jobs and other positions where you can begin a new career or find a new job with more advancement opportunities. 

Types of Counseling Jobs Available Near You

Certified counselor jobs are in high demand across the country and one of the fastest-growing job markets, with over 10% growth by 2030. Candidates can apply for counseling jobs in hospitals, treatment centers, K-12 schools, universities, private practice, and government agencies. 

Here are just some of the certified counseling jobs that are available today:

  1. Mental Health/Substance Abuse Therapist—In this position, you will work with patients who are struggling with addiction and any corresponding mental health disorder. You will be assigned a full caseload and will work with patients in group and private therapy sessions in person and through remote sessions. This position requires LCSW licensing.
  2. Mental Health Provider—This role provides telehealth mental health support for students. You will be their primary support and help them solve problems and develop treatment programs to benefit their development and mental health. You will also perform crisis interventions, risk assessments, and safety planning. This job requires state licensing as a mental health practitioner.
  3. EAP Counselor—The Employee Assistance Program Counselor works with employees and their families to resolve any conflicts that are impacting work performance and their mental health. This position involves face-to-face assessments, short-term problem resolution, case management, and other responsibilities. This role requires a master’s in counseling and state licensing as a mental health provider. 
  4. Clinical Specialist—As a Clinical Specialist, you will provide holistic healthcare services via remote sessions to individuals and their families. You will work with a team to create patient-centered treatment plans to address any number of issues that people are struggling with. This position requires LMHP licensing with telehealth experience.
  5. Licensed Mental Health Counselor—As a certified counselor, you will perform remote mental health counseling using video-chat software for “face-to-face” counseling sessions. Using their HIPPA-compliant software, you will work with patients through outpatient treatment plans that promote health, healing, and freedom. To qualify for this position, you must be licensed with the state as an independent mental health clinician.

Becoming a certified counselor is a long journey but one that is very rewarding and fulfilling. You will have a direct impact on the health and well-being of hundreds of men and women who are struggling with depression, substance abuse, or other mental health disorders. 

Find Certified Counselor Jobs at Behavioral Health Jobs 

At Behavioral Health Jobs, our website is for job candidates who want to find a rewarding career as certified counselors. Candidates can browse through thousands of jobs and organize them by job type, experience level, certification requirements, and other criteria to narrow their search. To start your search for a new career as a certified counselor, go to the Behavioral Health Jobs website today. 

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