Behavioral Health Jobs in Colorado

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Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the nation and is home to 35,120 healthcare companies that pay an average salary of $60,150 per year. Hundreds of behavioral health job positions are available throughout the state at private practices, government facilities, community centers, and other healthcare organizations.  

Behavioral Health Jobs gives job seekers a comprehensive list of new jobs in the behavioral health industry. Our job database is updated daily with new jobs for clinicians, administrators, medical technicians, registered nurses, therapists, and many other worthwhile positions. We also deliver interview tips and other career advice to help you find a rewarding career that aligns with your career goals.  

If you want to find behavioral health jobs in Colorado, check out the job board on the Behavioral Health Jobs website today.  

Finding Behavioral Health Job Openings in Colorado 

Finding new behavioral health jobs in Colorado is easy to do when you use a website specializing in healthcare industry jobs. Generic job boards such as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, and Indeed will list many behavioral health positions along with every other kind of job under the sun. Choosing an industry-specific job board can improve your chances of finding a job in the healthcare industry. 

If you are interested in a career in behavioral health, there are certain hard and soft skills that you will need to succeed in this challenging and rewarding career path. Hard skills are those skills that you learn in school, internships, and on-the-job experience. It includes vital skills such as: 

  • Analyzing medical charts and other healthcare data 
  • Knowledge of specific medical equipment, such as hospital beds and health monitoring 
  • Experience with medical software like electronic health records, medical diagnosis, imaging, billing, and practice management 
  • Understanding neurosciences and how different experiences affect the brain 
  • Knowledge of HIPPA practices and local and federal healthcare regulations 

Soft skills are those personal skills that you learn through daily interactions with friends, family, and peers. It includes necessary skills such as emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, active listening, and expressing empathy. These skills are essential for understanding and relating to your patients and will help you be a more effective employee.  

Find new behavioral health job positions throughout Colorado on the Behavioral Health Jobs website. We upload new contract, part-time, and full-time jobs as well as remote and hybrid positions daily to fill the growing number of behavioral healthcare positions. 

Behavioral Health Jobs in Colorado 

The behavioral health industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today, with an expected job growth of 18% by 2032. That’s an average of 42,000 new positions each year. 

Here is a list of current behavioral health positions in Colorado that you can apply for today: 

  1. Behavioral Technician (RBT) – Adolescent Program – As a Registered Behavioral Technician, you will assist with implementing behavioral interventions identified in the child’s treatment plan. You will also collect data and communicate with the team about patient treatments and other assigned responsibilities.  
  2. Behavioral Health Provider – Some of the job duties for this position include evaluating patients, performing crisis interventions, and running group and private therapy sessions. You will also develop and monitor patient case management plans, collaborate with other service providers, and work with the medical team as necessary.  
  3. MAT Case Manager – In this position, you will support behavioral health interventions for children and adults. You will develop service plans, monitor patient progress, and work with other team members to coordinate care and ensure optimal treatment.  
  4. Early Childhood Development Therapist –  As a Child Therapist, you will provide personalized one-on-one ABA therapy to children ages 2-6. You will implement intervention plans and collaborate closely with the child’s healthcare team.  
  5. Technician Lead – Behavioral Health – In this position, you will support multiple projects and programs by scheduling providers, assisting with admissions and discharges, performing transportation services as needed, recording vital signs, and assisting with administrative duties. 

As you apply for a new behavioral health job position, be sure to study the job post carefully and tailor your resume to match the skills and experience the company is seeking.  

Find Behavioral Health Jobs in Colorado today at the Behavioral Health Jobs Website 

The Behavioral Health Jobs website has new jobs for qualified candidates at Kaiser Permanente, UC Health, Boulder Community Health, Intermountain Health, and other large and small healthcare facilities. To narrow your search options, you can filter our list of jobs by job title or keywords, organization type, job type, experience level, and other search criteria.  

Find new behavioral health jobs in Colorado today by checking the Behavioral Health Jobs website to find a challenging and rewarding career.  

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