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There is a high demand for behavioral health jobs in Texas to meet the ever-increasing number of men and women who need mental health support. The last few years have been especially hard for people worldwide, putting a strain on the current mental health workforce. Texas healthcare jobs are on the rise to meet the growing demand and improve the overall mental health in cities all over Texas. 

Behavioral Health Jobs offers a dedicated job board for positions in the mental health industry to help meet the growing need of this fast-paced industry. Candidates can search for jobs by experience and education level, licensing requirements, and onsite vs. remote work options. Job seekers can find a rewarding career in state/federal government, private practices, community centers, K-12 schools and universities, senior living communities, and other organizations. Check out all available Texas healthcare jobs on the Behavioral Health Jobs website today. 

What Is it Like Working in Behavioral Health?

A career in the behavioral health industry can be a very challenging career choice. You work with men and women from different social and economic backgrounds struggling with mental health. On good days, you see them thrive and rejoice with their progress; on bad days, you feel their pain and frustration with each setback. 

Despite the difficult days, there is plenty of reasons why you will enjoy working in behavioral health:

  • Behavioral health jobs can be one of the most rewarding careers where you improve the well-being of hundreds of men and women in the community. 
  • This is one of the fastest-growing job markets today, with expected job growth of between 20-30% by 2030.
  • Employers are offering above-average pay and benefits to attract and keep qualified candidates.
  • Remote work options are becoming more popular in the industry for a better work-life balance.

Available Behavioral Health Jobs in Texas

There are thousands of behavioral health jobs in Texas today looking for qualified candidates. Several employers offer amazing career opportunities where you can start your career while in school and advance within the company as your experience grows. 

Here are some of the available behavioral health jobs in Texas today:

  1. Behavioral health specialist – This position is for an independently licensed therapist (LPC, LMFT, LCSW) specializing in dialectical behavior therapy. You will work with patients through in-person and remote sessions and have a dedicated staff working for you to handle referrals, insurance verification, and more. 
  2. Online counselor – This position offers a flexible position where you treat patients in person or through telehealth services. You will focus 100% on caring for patients with a team taking care of marketing, billing, and back office support. 
  3. Mental health counselor – In this role, you will work with K-12 students who need behavioral health support. You will work with up to 100 students in private and group therapy sessions and meet with staff and administrators for updates on students’ individual progress.
  4. Licensed intake counselor – This position works with potential patients and performs interviews and assessments to determine the level of care they need. You will work with several departments to certify patients for treatment and work with referral resources for additional care and services. 
  5. Telehealth therapist, LMFT – You will work with patients through in-person and telehealth sessions, spending 100% of your time treating patients. You get a dedicated team to handle referrals, intakes, and billing, freeing you up to help as many people as possible.  

Behavioral Health Jobs Offers a Dedicated Job Board for Texas Healthcare Jobs

The Behavioral Health Jobs website focuses solely on the behavioral health industry to help employers find qualified behavioral health employees. Job seekers will find hundreds of jobs near them and all throughout Texas, and many employers now offer remote work options so they can treat more Texas residents. 

To begin an exciting new career in the behavioral health industry, check out all of the available Texas healthcare jobs on the Behavioral Health Jobs website today. 

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