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Pathways of California is comprised of Pathways Community Services (PCS) and College Community Services (CCS). We specialize in behavioral health and integrated care services in community and home settings. Since 1996, we’ve served thousands of children, youths, adults and families in cutting-edge programs committed to outstanding value & recovery-focused care. Our programs are highlighted by the following characteristics: -Community-Based Care: Our services are accessible, integrated, & culturally competent. -Recovery & Wellness: Our programs instill hope, self-responsibility, empowerment and meaningful roles. -Evidence Based Practices & Outcomes Driven Services: Our outcomes are demonstrating reduced hospitalizations (psychiatric and medical), improved quality of life and experience of care, among others. -Technology: We use electronic health records, telepsychiatry, online access in the field, and more. -Comprehensive, Collaborative, Multidisciplinary Teams: Therapists, service coordinators, nurses, psychiatrists, substance abuse specialists, housing specialists, education/employment specialists, benefits specialists, and peer mentors, among others. -Integrated, Coordinated Care: We engage in collaborative partnerships with a wide array of providers, including healthcare and behavioral health, inpatient and outpatient services, in facility based and community based care settings. Our comprehensive services include: -Outreach & Engagement -Assessment & Evaluation -Benefits Acquisition & Utilization Analysis -Client-Centered Treatment & Service Planning -Intensive Case Management -Mental Health Counseling -Psychiatry & Medication Monitoring -Substance Abuse Services -Healthcare Coordination -Socialization Activities -Supported Housing, Employment & Education -Daily Living & Coping Skill Building -Peer Support & Peer Led Groups -Evidence Based Practices -Additional Services

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