Coordinator Positions in Behavioral Health

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Behavioral health coordinators work behind the scenes to make sure treatment facilities are following all regulations and that their team has everything they need to treat patients. Coordinator positions in behavioral health present an exciting career opportunity with great pay and benefits. They work to coordinate all behavioral health services and implement new programs for maximum efficiency in treating patients. If you are searching for coordinator roles near me, click on the Behavioral Health Jobs website link to find an exciting new coordinator position. 

At Behavioral Health Jobs, our site is dedicated to the behavioral health industry. Job seekers will find the most up-to-date database for coordinator jobs all over the country. Job seekers will discover mid, senior, and entry-level behavioral health jobs in all types of organizations, from hospitals, treatment centers, community centers, and private practices. Some companies now offer remote options for those who prefer or need to work from home. To begin a new job search for coordinator roles near you, check out all of the available jobs at the Behavioral Health Jobs website today. 

Entry-Level Behavioral Health Jobs

Entry-level positions allow new job seekers to gain valuable experience and can help them choose which area they want to work in. Those who are not interested in a clinical position can choose to support therapists and medical staff by coordinating programs and services. The main purpose of coordinator positions in behavioral health is to implement and maintain all healthcare services for a treatment center or other organizations. 

The education and licensing requirements for most coordinator jobs include the following:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • A bachelor’s degree in psychology or sociology
  • A master’s degree in public health or social work
  • Some positions may require additional licensing, such as certified case manager or certified nurse assistant

At Behavioral Health Jobs, we connect job seekers with the best coordinator jobs in cities all across the country. Entry-level behavioral health jobs are the best way to grow within a company and help improve the overall well-being of hundreds of individuals and families. 

Coordinator Positions in Behavioral Health

The behavioral health industry is one of the fastest-growing job markets in the US today and is adding tens of thousands of jobs each year. They offer competitive salaries, benefits, and tuition and licensing reimbursement. 

Here are just some of the coordinator positions in behavioral health that are available remotely or in a city near you:

  1. Clinical Coordinator—This position oversees outpatient clinics’ day-to-day operations to ensure compliance with all programs and services. You will facilitate daily meetings while providing therapists and staff with everything they need to function. You will also participate in hiring, training, coaching, and mentoring new staff. 
  2. Behavioral Health Coordinator—In this role, you will work with patients and caregivers in a 25-bed hospital. Job duties include clinical assessments and psychological support, advising family caregivers, and providing patient education and counseling, along with mental health referrals for other services. 
  3. Program Coordinator—Behavioral Health – Working under an Intake Supervisor, you will be responsible for the management of non-clinical programs. Job responsibilities include conducting pre-clinical reviews, managing the review workflow between departments, and basic coverage of specific reviews of inpatient and outpatient therapy.
  4. UR/UM Coordinator—This position performs utilization reviews and management functions related to hospital resources and reimbursement. You will work as a liaison between payors, the business office, and treatment teams while providing information and feedback to optimize patient care.
  5. Intake Coordinator—This role is for an independent, licensed mental health professional to perform initial psychological and diagnostic assessments for all incoming patients. You will also provide case management, short-term interventions, triage, and referral services for other programs and health care services. 

Many coordinating positions in behavioral health offer a rewarding career choice. You will be responsible for optimizing programs and services so therapists and medical staff can focus on treating patients and improving their mental health.

The Best Coordinator Roles Near Me Are at Behavioral Health Jobs 

Behavioral Health Jobs is the best place to begin your career search for a job as a coordinator in the behavioral health industry. You can search for jobs by experience and education level, licensing requirements, as well as remote and onsite options. We also offer tips for building resumes, best interviewing practices, and other vital information to help you land your dream job. 

Check out all of the available coordinator jobs in a city near you today at the Behavioral Health Jobs website.

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