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Not all healthcare jobs involve working hands-on with patients. There are executive job opportunities for those interested in working in healthcare but prefer a business-related position. Executive jobs in healthcare revolve around all aspects of keeping the hospital up and running. While they may not interact directly with patients nearly as nurses and doctors, executive positions serve a crucial purpose in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

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Types of Executive Healthcare Positions

For those considering pursuing executive positions in healthcare, here is a list of some of the common executive job opportunities available.

  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As a Chief Executive Officer in healthcare, you will be in charge of your entire organization. You will be responsible for developing strategies to improve all aspects of your facility to meet the standards of your company’s mission. As a CEO, you will work with a board of directors to make important decisions regarding the delicate balance of quality care and budget constraints. You may also network within your community and develop partnerships with other organizations. 

This position requires a master’s degree in health administration or a similar degree that combines business administration with healthcare.

  1. Chief Operations Officer (COO)

As a Chief Operations Officer in healthcare, you will be second in command to the Chief Executive Officer. It will be your job to focus on finding ways to improve the current operations of medical treatment in your facility. The COO is dedicated to increasing the quality of care and patient satisfaction cost-effectively. You will work together with others in executive positions to create a vision for your facility and develop an implementation plan. COO positions are typically limited to large healthcare organizations.

This position requires a master’s degree in health administration or a similar degree that combines business administration with healthcare. 

  1. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

As a Chief Financial Officer in healthcare, you will ultimately be responsible for all things that make a financial impact on your organization. It will be your job to record and provide financial information to other executives in the facility, handle tax returns, develop financial policies, develop and maintain a budget for the organization, and oversee payroll and patient accounts receivable. 

This position requires a master’s degree in finance, accounting, business administration, and possibly certification as a public accountant. 

  1. Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)

As a Chief Nursing Officer, you will be in charge of developing and maintaining a well-trained nursing staff, advocating for fair budgets and compensation, implementing best nursing practices in your facility, and conducting performance reviews. CNOs work closely with their organization’s personnel department to improve the hiring and retention process. 

This position requires a master’s in nursing with a specialization in nursing administration. 

  1. Chief Information Officer (CIO)

As a Chief Information Officer, you will handle your organization’s information and technology systems. You work together with other executives to secure the best hardware and software for your facility, develop information technology (IT) policies and practices, and oversee the facility’s IT department and systems. 

This position requires a computer science background and a master’s degree in health informatics.

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