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Pennsylvania is experiencing a record-high number of mental health cases, with nearly 20% of adults over 18 reporting having a mental health illness. There are hundreds of available behavioral health jobs in Philadelphia and surrounding areas to help with this growing epidemic. If you are interested in a new and exciting career, check out the Pennsylvania behavioral health jobs available.

Behavioral Health Jobs provides a dedicated database of behavioral health jobs in Philadelphia and other cities nationwide. You will find mental health jobs in various companies, including treatment centers, government agencies, large corporations, schools, and more. Check out the available Pennsylvania behavioral health jobs today to find a challenging and rewarding career.

Why Choose Behavioral Health Jobs in Philadelphia

Working in the behavioral health industry is a gratifying career path. You are making a difference in people’s lives for the better and helping to improve the overall mental health of the community. Plus, your satisfaction from helping others is worth more than any paycheck. 

The behavioral health industry has seen a significant spike in recent years. 2020 saw over 11% growth in the number of behavioral health jobs. It is the fastest growing industry in the U.S., with an expected growth rate of 22% by 2030. To succeed in this challenging career, you should have the following skills:

  • Empathy
  • Strong ethics
  • Client rapport
  • Active listening
  • Compassion
  • Healthy professional boundaries

While this is an enriching career choice, it can also be challenging. You will need to remember to care for your mental health and learn to separate yourself from your work to avoid burning out. 

Top Mental Health Jobs in Pennsylvania

Many of these positions require specific licensing and a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Fortunately, most companies will hire you while working on your certifications, which is an excellent way to gain valuable experience while still working on your education.

Here are some of the top mental health jobs in Pennsylvania:

  • Senior consultant in addiction and mental health – This position helps new and existing organizations with start-up licensing, operations, and financial management. It would be best if you had experience working with regulatory agencies.
  • Licensed mental health clinician for adolescents – You will provide individual, group, and family therapy to students with significant emotional and behavioral needs. This position assists staff in the entire district, and you will need to be flexible with your time commitments.
  • Philadelphia crisis line counselor supervisor – This behavioral health supervisory role provides clinical and administrative support for mental health professionals in a round-the-clock suicide and crisis intervention call center. Additionally, you will follow up with individuals who call in for emotional support according to all state regulations and guidelines. 
  • Behavioral specialist, special education services – This position assists students and staff with implementing adequate behavioral support for students needing additional education and behavioral support. You will also support staff and leadership in helping students who display negative behavior.
  • Mental health technician – Under supervision from RNs, you will assist in patient assessments and provide patient care. Other duties include assessing units for safety, completing all documentation, and leading or co-leading therapeutic activities.  
  • Teen parent group facilitator – This role will prepare weekly lesson plans based on the program curriculum and facilitate meetings with pregnant teens and teen parents.

Behavioral Health Jobs: You Top Resource for Behavioral Health Jobs in Philadelphia

There are hundreds of available behavioral health jobs in Philadelphia. We have jobs for all experience levels, from internships and entry-level openings to senior clinical or management positions. You will have a significant impact on many different people from all walks of life while helping reduce the overall number of mental health cases in the state. Check out the available mental health jobs in Pennsylvania today to find your new dream job.

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