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There is no time better than now to explore behavioral health jobs in your area. As mental health and addiction treatment have reopened to full capacity, they will need more staff to help with the onslaught of new patients. Many people who found themselves struggling to handle the effects of the pandemic turned to drugs or alcohol to cope and are now needing your help to reclaim their lives. 

Check out the jobs board on Behavioral Health Jobs to learn about the opportunities for jobs in rehab in your area. We make it easy to explore behavioral health jobs with remote and on-location employment options throughout the country. 

The Outlook for Jobs in Addiction Treatment

Compared to other careers, jobs in addiction treatment are expected to have higher than average growth. If you choose to work in this field, you can feel confident that you will have plenty of jobs in rehab to select from. It is a field that will never be obsolete, so you will not have to worry about being phased out like in some other careers. Some of the factors affecting the positive job growth in addiction treatment include:

  • There is a higher rate of drug and alcohol addiction following the pandemic, meaning more people will need treatment. 
  • The demand for virtual addiction treatment skyrocketed to allow patients to get help without traveling to a facility. This greatly increases the job opportunities for those in the field. 
  • The Affordable Care Act now requires all insurers to cover mental health conditions and substance use disorders which means that people who previously could not afford treatment will now have access.
  • Court systems increasingly require drug abuse offenders to attend addiction treatment instead of being incarcerated. This is to help manage overcrowding in prisons while also providing people with an opportunity to get clean and turn their lives around. 

As the need for safe and effective addiction treatment programs rises and the health care system and justice system start to realize the value of these programs and utilize them more, you will continue to see an abundance of job openings in addiction treatment

What Opportunities Are Available for Jobs in Rehab?

There are many different types of jobs in the addiction treatment field, covering various educational levels and licensing requirements. If you are interested in jobs in addiction treatment, here are a few possible career choices:

  • Psychiatrists help diagnose and treat patients as well as prescribe medications to help address withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and co-occurring mental health conditions.
  • Substance abuse counselors provide support and guidance for individuals suffering from addiction. They may lead support groups and conduct one-on-one counseling sessions. They may also be required to have personal experience with recovery.
  • Behavioral health technicians assist patients and doctors with following through on treatment plans. They may dispense medication, check vital signs, assist with daily activities, and serve as a listening ear for patients. They are indispensable to the rehab experience as they are the staff with which the patients have the most contact. 
  • Social workers ensure that patients receive the care to which they are entitled. They meet with patients regularly to check on their progress and determine if any changes are needed. Social workers also help connect patients with services and programs that can support them through recovery. 

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With Behavioral Health Jobs, you can be a part of healing the drug and addiction problem in the country by getting into addiction treatment. Explore behavioral health jobs today on our up-to-date jobs board with the best remote and in-person opportunities for addiction treatment careers.

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