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The employment landscape of 2023 looks very different than it did just three years ago. The Covid-19 pandemic, along with global economic trends, has forced employers and employees to rethink their priorities and practices substantially. Thus, employers must go beyond conventional recruiting tools to find a job candidate ideally suited to each open role. If you’re an employer looking for area behavioral health professionals, call [Direct] or connect with Behavioral Health Jobs online. We’ll help you maximize your search through our outstanding jobs board.

Finding the Right Candidate by Acknowledging Job Seekers’ Top Considerations 

Many conventional recruiting tools remain highly effective. Nonetheless, it’s likewise key for employers to consider job seekers’ shifting needs in order to acquire top talent. Here are a few attributes job seekers tend to value when they consider a new company: 

  • A remote or hybrid option: From quarantine 2020 onward, many employees learned that their jobs could be performed largely or entirely from home. With this understanding now firmly established, employers’ success often depends on making this an option. While many behavioral health jobs require at least some on-site work, even small concessions to remote work are significant. For instance, adding a hybrid option for roles once entirely in-person may make or break a top candidate’s signing decision. 
  • A strong commitment to work-life balance: Employees increasingly value jobs that guarantee significant time for self- and family care. Especially in the behavioral health market, employers also must be mindful of the high potential for employee burnout. This mindfulness may take the form of a generous paid-time-off policy, staff social events like trivia nights, or flexible scheduling. 
  • Awareness of mental healthcare needs: Increasingly, successful employers offer mental and behavioral health plans to their employees. Given the rise in wellness interest over the past few years, these programs can be essential in courting new hires. Such programs likewise boost an employer’s overall reputation and standing in the industry. This leads to positive word-of-mouth recommendations and increased hiring and retention in the long term. 

It is also important to ensure you get the most out of your recruitment tools when searching for the right candidate to fill a role. 

Getting the Most Out of Conventional Recruiting Tools in Your Search for the Right Candidate 

Many tried-and-true recruitment tools can still work wonders in optimizing your search for the ideal candidate. Among these resources are the following:

  • Jobs Boards: Employment databases like Behavioral Health Jobs are many jobseekers’ first line of inquiry in seeking their next position. This is thus an invaluable area to invest in an employer. What’s more, job boards can often also provide a pre-screening process for employers. This means candidates are screened according to skills match between their resume on file and your hiring needs. 
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Similarly, this software helps organize and sort application materials through an AI prescreen. Candidates’ resumes and cover letters are ranked by the number and quality of keywords they have in common with your job description. While not foolproof, this can be a tremendous boon in high-volume hiring situations. 
  • Premade Skills Tests: Whether you create a skills test from scratch or utilize a prefabricated one, this tool is worth acquiring because it can give you a detailed look at potential new hires’ abilities in action. In the behavioral health jobs sector, for instance, you might provide a skills test in language fluency for a bilingual position. Similarly, you might ask candidates to complete an assessment testing their awareness of common biomedical hazards in their potential workplace. 
  • Professional Recruitment or Staffing Services: While hiring software becomes more nuanced by the day, there’s still no substitute for a qualified professional. A trained recruiter can scour professional networking sites for you and directly approach qualified candidates about applying for the roles you need filled. 

Behavioral Health Jobs is a great recruitment tool for those seeking to hire behavioral health specialists and an invaluable job search platform for those looking for employment in behavioral healthcare. 

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