How Holistic Treatment Centers Promote Lasting Sobriety

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When people begin the journey to sobriety and try to find addiction treatment, some think holistic treatment centers only use alternative methods to promote healing. However, that’s not true. Rather, their modalities combine with evidence-based therapies for healing. Holistic treatment centers are an excellent option for those who may not be as successful in a purely clinical setting. Instead, these centers help to bring purpose and healing to the minds, bodies, and souls of those struggling with addiction. 

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The Disease of Addiction

Addiction is a chronic disease. This understanding puts it on par with asthma and heart disease. While there’s no cure, it responds well to treatment. 

The goal of rehab isn’t just to remove drugs and alcohol from someone’s life. Instead, it also replaces drug or alcohol use with healthy patterns. When studying addiction in this way, people can recognize that it isn’t a one-dimensional condition. 

Drug dependency certainly affects the body. However, it also hurts the mind and spiritual part of a person. All three components require healing. Holistic therapy is an integral part of making this happen.

Treating Addiction Through Mind, Body, and Soul

The beauty of holistic addiction treatment is that it addresses the entire person. It’s not just about detoxing from drugs or alcohol and attending therapy sessions. Instead, this care also focuses on diet, fitness, meditation, and other activities to promote healing.

One of the essential things that holistic therapies offer is a focus on the future. In addiction recovery, people must learn how to live without drugs or alcohol. This task can be difficult. However, with the help of holistic therapies, people in addiction recovery can find their purpose and begin to build a new life.

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What Do Holistic Treatment Centers Offer?

Because therapists at these facilities recognize that people need healing on multiple levels, they offer various modalities. Evidence-based programs focus on psychotherapy, one-on-one meetings with a counselor, and group therapy sessions. The goal is to help people discover why they used substances and overcome triggers.

While these program modalities are certainly helpful in promoting change, holistic treatment centers offer more. Those struggling with addiction undergo therapies that build on the other treatments they’re also receiving. Holistic rehab centers across the country often include additional therapies that complement evidence-based therapies, such as: 

  • Meditation – A practice that combines breathing exercises with mindfulness training to overcome stressors
  • Fitness – Therapy that offers appropriate activities to help people interact with peers and hone coping skills
  • Tai Chi – A relaxing martial art that helps people direct their focus toward healing by visualizing energy and directing it toward healing 
  • Yoga – An exercise that offers stress relief and fitness applications while focusing on movement

What makes these therapies so valuable is that people struggling with addiction have to focus on learning something new, which often takes their attention off of cravings for drugs or alcohol. Additionally, these activities also force them to slow down and connect with themselves, which promotes healing of the body, mind, and spirit. 

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