How to Identify a Qualified Job Candidate

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Finding the best job candidates for your healthcare organization or behavioral health facility can be challenging. It can be a full-time job to go through the hundreds of resumes, check references, and verify the qualifications and education required to find qualified job candidates. Behavioral Health Jobs offers a dedicated database of available jobs in the behavioral health industry for you to post job openings

To find qualified job applicants, Behavioral Health Jobs works solely in the behavioral health industry, so you only get applicants passionate about working in the healthcare field. If you are in charge of hiring for your company, continue reading to learn how to identify qualified job candidates. 

The First Step in Identifying Qualified Job Candidates

The first impression you get of a potential job candidate will be their resume. The resume they send you should be clear and direct for any position candidates are applying for while still showing a little of the applicant’s style and personality. Look for candidates who take the time to craft a well-written cover letter and resume. 

When reviewing a resume, make sure it is:

  • Correctly formatted with no grammatical errors
  • Includes current contact information
  • All employment and education are in chronological order
  • Includes relevant work experience and certifications
  • Includes a minimum of two work references in a related field

When speaking with potential job candidates, either in-person or virtually, have them talk about specific points on their resumes. This can help weed out candidates who stuff their resumes with keywords to get an interview. 

Deciding Which Qualified Job Applicants Are Best for Your Healthcare Organization

The first interview is done over the phone or through video chat. This allows you to get a feel for the candidate and gauge their interest in the position. Do they seem excited that you called? Are they engaging and polite? This screening process can help eliminate candidates that may look good on paper, but their career paths or experience do not align with the position you offer. 

The first interview gives you a chance to meet with potential job candidates and see if they will be a good fit for your organization. It is not just about their experience. You want to find someone who will get along with everyone, has a good attitude, and not get frustrated easily. 

During the first interview, you want to look for job candidates who:

  • Shows up early and dressed appropriately
  • Greets you with a firm handshake and makes good eye contact
  • Answers your questions with confidence and is familiar with the available position
  • Is familiar with your organization
  • Asks questions about the job requirements 

In the second interview, you can get more into their experience and test their knowledge. Second interviews often give the job candidates a chance to meet those they will be working with and see how they interact together during the interview. 

Another nice way for qualified job applicants to show their interest is with a follow-up email or letter after the interview process is complete. This little extra step can make the difference between being gainfully employed or still looking for a new job. 

Find Job Candidates That are Passionate About Working in the Behavioral Health Field at Behavioral Health Jobs 

A job in the healthcare industry is a very rewarding career to help people turn their lives around. Behavioral Health Jobs is a directory of jobs in the behavioral health industry where job candidates can search by experience level, department, and other criteria. Post job openings to draw qualified job candidates to your organization at Behavioral Health Jobs. 

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