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HR departments are responsible for posting available jobs to find qualified candidates who match their job requirements and can perform all tasks with minimal supervision. You must know how to write a job posting to attract the right candidates. A properly worded job post will find a candidate who meets all education and experience requirements and is passionate about finding a career and not just another job. 

At Behavioral Health Jobs, we help employers create effective job postings for available jobs in the behavioral health field. We offer tips on posting jobs, interviewing techniques, and other ways to find the best employees for your company. These tips will help you fine-tune your postings and attract more qualified candidates. Read on for more information on how to write a job posting, then start posting your job on the Behavioral Health Jobs website today. 

Effective Job Posting to Attract the Right Candidates

On average, a job posting can receive up to 250 resumes for a single position. You would never want to interview that many people, and you will need to go through all of those resumes to find the cream of the crop. While you cannot limit the number of resumes you receive, you can fine-tune your job posting to weed out those who are inexperienced and would not qualify for the position. 

Some of the key components of a well-written job post include:

  • A headline with specific keywords of the job title
  • Your company name, values, and mission statement
  • A clear description of the job duties
  • All education, experience, and licensing requirements
  • Salary range and available benefits
  • Application deadline and where to send your resume

Behavioral Health Jobs helps employers find job candidates who are eager to start a new career in the behavioral health industry. An effective job posting will attract the right candidates and decrease the time spent reading underqualified resumes. 

How to Write a Job Posting

Job postings with minimal information are more likely to receive more resumes that don’t fit their requirements. This adds unnecessary work for HR departments, which have to sift through hundreds of resumes just to find the few capable of doing the job. 

Here are some helpful tips for how to write a job posting for your company:

  • Start with a summary of the position – Job summaries can entice candidates to read further when they are well written and contain valuable information about the job requirements, company values, and the people you will be assisting.
  • Use clear, concise language when describing job requirements – When listing job skills and requirements, keep it short and to the point. Use bullet lists for a clean layout, and avoid vague terms that make the duties seem optional. 
  • Include salary and benefit information – Jobs that list salary and benefits packages are more likely to attract the type of candidates you want to hire. List salary ranges and specific details about available physical or mental health benefits, paid time off, and other perks that your company offers. 
  • Clearly define essential duties – The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states all job postings must list all essential duties for the position.

Effective job postings will attract the right candidates to your company and limit the number of resumes that aren’t right for the position. Before posting your job, have someone familiar with the role read the post to ensure it accurately reflects the position. 

Behavioral Health Jobs: Employers’ Best Resource for Finding Qualified Candidates

Behavioral Health Jobs provides employers with beneficial tools for creating dynamic job postings that attract the best candidates. We give you helpful tips on writing a job posting that will narrow your candidate field to only those qualified for the position. 

Check out all of the beneficial tips and information about finding quality employees on the Behavioral Health Jobs website today.

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