1099 – Contract Mental Health Physician/Provider in New York | Remote

MEDvidi Health P.C.

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Job description

MEDvidi Health is now looking for Medical Doctors licensed in New York to join our team (100% remote). At MEDvidi, we provide actual value to our clients. Client satisfaction is our prime concern. We offer professional evaluations to patients suffering from various mental health and emotional disorders (ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Insomnia). Job Description:

  • Discussing and reviewing patients’ medical history, symptoms, allergies, and current medications.
  • Prescribing medications, controlled substances, and various diagnostic tests to aid in providing accurate diagnoses.
  • Asking patients situation-specific questions to formulate accurate diagnoses.
  • Formulating suitable treatment plans to address conditions such as ADHD, Insomnia, Depression, Stress, & Anxiety
  • Analyzing diagnostic test results and explaining them to patients.
  • Prescribing suitable medications to patients and providing proper dosage and administration instructions.
  • Maintaining accurate records of patient’s contact details, medical history, prescribed medications, allergies, diagnoses, and progress.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Must be an MD or Physician
  • Must have clinical experience with prescribing controlled substances.
  • Must have a valid DEA.
  • Must have a valid Medical License.

Why Join Forward? At MEDvidi, our mission is to revolutionize the way individuals perceive, access, and engage with mental health care. We are committed to building a cutting-edge online platform that fosters emotional well-being, offers personalized support, and cultivates a sense of community for all. Our driving purpose is to break down barriers to mental health care by providing accessible, affordable, and stigma-free services to individuals across the US. We understand that seeking help should be an empowering journey, not a daunting one. Thus, we strive to create an environment where seeking mental support is as natural as pursuing physical health. Through state-of-the-art technology, a network of compassionate professionals, and a vibrant user community, we aim to: Empower IndividualsPersonalized CareEradicate StigmaConnect CommunitiesSupport ProfessionalsPromote Holistic WellnessAdvanced ResearchContinuous Innovation. At MEDvidi, we envision a world where mental health is treated with the same importance as physical health. With a compassionate heart and a digital hand to hold, we are here to guide individuals on their journey to emotional well-being, inspire hope, and ultimately transform lives. Together, we are rewriting the narrative of mental health care—one empowered step at a time.

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