Behavioral Health Technician

Government of the District of Columbia

Job Overview

Serves as a Behavioral Health Technician in the Office of the Chief Nursing Executive Department. Serves on a psychiatric recovery team with an assignment of providing psychiatric nursing care to mentally ill patients whose needs are variable and at times not predictable. Plays a leading role on the treatment team and actively participates in developing and implementing the recovery plans established by the recovery team. Records nursing activities in the patient’s medical record. Ensure that security procedures appropriate to the level of security required on the unit and by individual patients who are effected. Responsible for taking accurate patient count and maintaining vigilance to prevent breeches in security such as elopement and possession of contraband. Conducts patient groups under supervision and in accordance with patients multidisciplinary treatment plans. Serves as a mentor to newly hired Behavioral Health Technicians.


Experience providing psychiatric nursing care to mentally ill patients in an inpatient/outpatient facility. Experience that equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position, and that is typically in or related to the work of the position. In addition to meeting the basic requirement, this position requires one (1) year of specialized experience equivalent to the next lower grade level. (DS-7).

Licensures, Certifications and other requirements



Minimum Education Requirement

Must possess a high school diploma or a certificate of equivalency (GED).

Work Experience

Experience providing psychiatric nursing care to mentally ill patients whose needs are variable and at times not predictable.

Work Environment
Work is performed in a controlled environment and involves some exposure to moderate risk of accidents and requires following basic safety precautions.


Area of Consideration: Open to the Public

Duration of Appointment: Permanent

Tour of Duty: Rotating Shifts (To include weekends and holidays)

This position IS in the collective bargaining unit and you may be required to pay an agency service fee through an automatic payroll deduction

Position Designation: This position is deemed as “Safety Sensitive” pursuant to Section 410 of Chapter 4 of the D.C. Personnel Regulations, in addition to the general suitability screening, individuals applying for or occupying safety sensitive positions are subject to the following checks and tests:


  • Criminal background check;
  • Traffic record check (as applicable);
  • Pre-employment drug and alcohol test;
  • Reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol test;
  • Post-accident or incident drug and alcohol test;
  • Random drug and alcohol test; and
  • Return-to-duty or follow-up drug and alcohol test.



A person applying for a position in the Career Service, Educational Service, Management Supervisory Service, a line attorney position in the Legal Service (series 905), or an attorney position in the Excepted Service (series 905) who is a bona fide District resident AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION for the position may be awarded a 10-point residency preference over non-District applicants, unless the person declines the preference points. If selected, the person shall be required to present proof of bona fide District residency and maintain such residency for 7 consecutive years from the effective date of the appointment. Failure to maintain bona fide District residency for the 7-year period will result in forfeiture of employment.

The Government of the District of Columbia values the safety of our employees, our residents, and our visitors. In support of these values, if you are selected for this job you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, which includes all eligible booster shots, except when vaccination is not medically advised or violates your sincerely held religious beliefs in violation of EEO laws. If you are invited to join our team you must submit proof that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to your initial HR representative, or you must request an exemption from your representative.


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