Counselor- School Based Job ID: C-Sch #001

Seeking counselor to provide support services to school age students.
must meet regulated licensure and/or state certification requirements.


Sub Job ID: RFP #001

Job ID: C-Sch #001

Start Date: SY 2021-2022

Hours Needed: Full time, Part time and/or Per Diem

General Job Responsibilities:
The school counselor will provide the following duties as per appropriate grade level needs:

  • Individual student academic program planning
  • Interpreting cognitive, aptitude and achievement tests
  • Providing counseling to students who are tardy or absent
  • Providing counseling to students who have disciplinary problems
  • Providing counseling to students as to appropriate school dress
  • Collaborating with teachers to present school counseling core curriculum lessons
  • Analyzing grade-point averages in relationship to achievement
  • Interpreting student records
  • Providing teachers with suggestions for effective classroom management
  • Ensuring student records are maintained as per state and federal regulations
  • Helping the school principal identify and resolve student issues, needs and problems
  • Providing individual and small-group counseling services to students
  • Advocating for students at individual education plan meetings, student study teams and school attendance review boards
  • Analyzing disaggregated data
  • Include research-based instructional practices and strategies in order to prepare students for college and the workplace.
  • Include a component to teach organizational skills across content areas for students to apply in every aspect of their education.
  • Exposure to colleges through tours, college student tutors, and guest speakers to motivate High School students to attend college and pursue careers.
  • Promote College & Career Readiness skills through its curriculum and suggested instructional practices.
  • Provide strategies to instill leadership skills in students through public speaking, small group activities, and community service activities.
  • Provide a curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards and target the area of College and Career Readiness. It must have a scope and sequence along with instructional materials to address skills for students.
  • Promote critical thinking skills through the use of research-based instructional practices and strategies.
  • Incorporate inquiry-based research skills aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
  • Materials provide students with study skills and strategies in preparation for college.

Application Procedure:

Please submit your resume to our direct email, and complete the online application by clicking on the blue link “Apply on Company Site” in the advertisement page. The application can also be found in our “Providers Tab” located on our website Completion of the online application will match you to the job, so we can follow up with you.

On your submission, please follow this Subject Line format: [Your Name], [the job you are applying for], [ the job is in], [State where the job is in]. Example, John Smith, School-based Occupational Therapist, Manahawkin, NJ.

Make sure to submit your resume in a text-form document as it is easier for our applicant tracking system to read and upload your document instead of sending your resume in a scanned-image format.

Qualifications: 3+ years experience is preferred, however new graduates would be considered. Each state has specific requirements regarding licensure and/or certification, if needed. We expect you would know if you are qualified for the work in your state if you are experienced in the field. If you require more information to know if you have the correct qualifications, please contact your professional licensing or credentialing organization.

Jobs will be filled within 30 days and we will contact you upon processing your information.

Our direct email is, website is, and to reach us by phone: 609-619-9590.

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