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Making a career shift today can be very stressful if you don’t prepare ahead of time for making such a significant life change. In an ideal job market, you can leave your current job and have a new one within a few weeks. Today’s job market is more in favor of the employee rather than the employer, but it can still take several months to find a new position. If you are interested in jobs in behavioral healthcare, now is the perfect time to find a job you love where you can have a positive impact on hundreds of people’s lives. 

Behavioral Health Jobs is an online database specifically for jobs in the behavioral health industry. Our database is updated frequently with new jobs at hospitals, government facilities, K-12 schools, universities, and other organizations. Job seekers can begin a new search based on experience, education, type of job, and other search criteria. To start a new search for jobs in behavioral healthcare, check out all of the available jobs on the Behavioral Health Jobs website today. 

Making a Career Shift

No matter your age, if you are unhappy with your current job, you should look for something that does more than just give you a steady paycheck. You want a job that you look forward to doing every day and one that challenges you and makes you happy. Staying in a job that you don’t like is mentally unhealthy and can lead to depression, a lack of motivation, withdrawal from friends and family, and substance abuse. 

If you stay in a job you don’t like, your work performance may suffer and can lead to termination. Unless you are already prepared for not having a job, this can cause you to rush into another job that puts you in the same position as your last. 

Men and women who are interested in a career in healthcare will find a job market that is actively searching for qualified candidates for a number of clinical, technical, and administrative positions. Employers understand that today’s job seekers are more interested in a job that promotes a better work/life balance and offers competitive salaries and benefits packages to attract more candidates.

The Behavioral Health Jobs website is the perfect place to begin a job search for a number of rewarding and exciting careers. 

Tips for Changing Jobs

Making a career shift today requires a little planning to compensate for any time off work, reduced salary, or other effects caused by the change in jobs. While you may find something right away, the average time to find a new job is six months.

Here are some tips for changing jobs in today’s job market:

Keep Your Current Job

If you are still employed, stay that way if at all possible. This will give you time to research new careers, evaluate your career goals, and look into going back to school without worrying about not getting a paycheck. That way, you don’t have to rush your job search and end up taking a position just for the money. 

If you are in a toxic work environment, you should leave as quickly as possible to avoid any unnecessary stress and frustration. 

Evaluate Your Finances

Changing careers can take several years to accomplish, especially if you need to go back to school to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree or technical certification. When planning to make a career shift, you need to take into consideration the following:

  • Possible lengthy unemployment
  • Significantly reduced salary
  • Lack of healthcare
  • Education expenses

Look for ways to cut back on unnecessary expenses, like reducing the number of streaming subscriptions, eating in rather than going out, and working out at home. 

Develop a Game Plan

After deciding on a new career path, write down the steps you need to take to make that happen. Look into how long it will take to earn a degree or certification. You can talk to a recruiter to see what education and qualifications most companies are looking for today. 

Start Networking 

Find networking groups for the career you are interested in to start meeting others in the industry and make valuable connections. They can offer advice to help your career search and potentially connect you with a new job opportunity. 

Find the Best Jobs in Behavioral Healthcare at Behavioral Health Jobs

Behavioral Health Jobs connects job seekers with the top jobs in the behavioral health industry nationwide. Behavioral healthcare workers are in high demand right now as this is one of the fastest-growing job markets today, with an expected job growth of 30% by 2030. To see what jobs are currently available, check out the Behavioral Health Jobs website today. 

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