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Working in the behavioral health industry provides job candidates with an exciting and rewarding career. By joining the field, you will directly impact the lives of people struggling with their mental health and have an overall positive effect on the local community. There are many careers in behavioral health that you can choose, like health care technician in an addiction treatment center to a school counselor helping children and teens with mental health challenges. Behavioral health specialists’ jobs are available through the Behavioral Health Jobs website.

At Behavioral Health Jobs, we specialize in the behavioral health industry and provide job candidates with a database of all the popular careers in behavioral health. We have jobs in administration, management, clinical, and much more. Check out the available careers in behavioral health at the Behavioral Health Jobs website today. 

Skills You Need for Careers in Behavioral Health

Most jobs in the healthcare industry need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions. Before becoming a nurse, social worker, or another clinical role, you will need several years of additional education and on-hands experience before you can treat patients. Many companies prefer hiring young professionals while working on their certifications and promoting from within. 

Job candidates seeking careers in behavioral health will need to have additional soft skills to thrive in this fast-paced career field. The type of soft skills you need include:

  • Active listening skills
  • Empathy
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Flexible in working in all environments
  • Communications skills
  • A strong work ethic

Popular Behavioral Health Jobs Near Me

If you do a web search for behavioral health jobs near me, you’ll find hundreds of links with available jobs all around your area. With remote work options becoming readily available, you no longer have to limit yourself to companies that are local to you. Companies can also offer moving bonuses for qualified candidates interested in moving to a new city.

Here are some of the more popular behavioral health jobs available today.

  • Clinical or counseling psychologist – Psychologists treat patients suffering from mild to moderate behavioral, emotional, and mental health disorders. They use talk therapy to help patients develop coping skills to deal with their thoughts and emotions without using medications.  
  • Marriage and family therapist – Therapists work with families and couples whose relationships suffer because of mental illnesses, such as depression or substance abuse. They can help rebuild trust between parents and siblings, heal broken marriages, and help patients develop skills to build stronger relationships in the future. 
  • Clinical social worker – This position works with patients to help cope with everyday issues, diagnose mental health disorders, and provide treatment through individual and group settings. Social Workers are necessary for many organizations, including private practice, community health centers, hospitals, and primary care agencies.  
  • Psychiatric registered nurse (RN) – Psychiatric RNs provide specialty care for patients with mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders. They monitor patients’ physical and mental health and address any of their needs. They also assist team members in any capacity to care for patients.   
  • Psychiatrist – Like psychologists, psychiatrists treat patients with behavioral, emotional, and mental health disorders, but they can also prescribe medication to help reduce a patient’s symptoms. Combining therapy and medication can help patients whose severe symptoms disrupt their treatment and lives. 
  • Mental health counselor – Counselors work with groups and individuals to promote optimal mental health. They work with patients with addiction, depression, relationship issues, stress management, and more. 

Check Out the Available Careers in Behavioral Health at Behavioral Health Jobs

The behavioral health field continues to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S., with expected job growth of more than 20% by 2030. Whether you are interested in a career as a social worker, registered nurse, or licensed psychologist, you will find these and other popular behavioral health jobs in a city near you. Check out the available careers in behavioral health on the Behavioral Health Jobs website.

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