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There are currently thousands of jobs in psychology available today due to the growing mental health epidemic that is facing the country. There has been a steady increase in the number of addiction and depression cases since 2020. Companies are actively searching for qualified candidates fresh out of college or with years of experience to fill a variety of administrative, managerial, and clinical positions. If you are searching for psychological jobs near me online, click on the link for Behavioral Health Jobs to begin your new career search.

Behavioral Health Jobs is an online database of jobs in the behavioral health industry where individuals can find a rewarding career helping people from all walks of life. Candidates can search for jobs in their city or choose to work from their home office and provide remote therapy sessions, which is becoming more and more popular. Check out all of the available jobs in psychology near you today at the Behavioral Health Jobs website. 

Understanding the Difference Between Psychologist vs. Psychiatrist

Before deciding which career path to take in psychology, you should understand the differences between the roles of psychologist vs. psychiatrist. While both treat patients who are struggling with their mental health, they approach treating the disorders in different ways. There are also some differences in the education path for each one. 

Psychologists treat patients using various types of behavioral therapy to treat their symptoms. They talk with patients and guide them toward uncovering the root cause of the problem behind their issues and teach them coping skills for managing their symptoms. Degree requirements include earning a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree in psychology. 

Psychiatrists treat patients similarly to psychologists, but they can also prescribe medications to aid in the recovery process. Certain medications can reduce addiction withdrawal symptoms and cravings as well as any depressive or anxiety symptoms that interfere with the recovery process. Psychiatrists must complete a bachelor’s degree before attending medical school and completing residency. 

At Behavioral Health Jobs, our jobs database is updated daily with new jobs in psychology, psychiatry, and other healthcare positions. Candidates will find jobs in all types of organizations, from K-12 schools and universities to treatment centers, hospitals, and remote private practices.

Popular Jobs in Psychology

If you are interested in a career in psychology, look into your state’s requirements for becoming a psychologist or psychiatrist. Some states require additional education or licenses to practice. 

Here are some of the popular jobs in psychology that you can apply for today:

  1. Crisis Counselor I—This position is in a 24/7 crisis center, and Counselors will perform suicide prevention/intervention, crisis interventions, and professional counseling services for at-risk patients. They will also perform client assessments, document all client interactions, and manage programs to ensure patients are receiving optimal care. 
  2. Behavioral Health Navigator—This is a part-time position where candidates will work with survivors of sexual assault and connect them with mental health, substance abuse, and primary care services. You will assess and evaluate their needs and connect them with providers who will care for their needs. This job is ideal for students working on their master’s or doctorate degrees.
  3. School-Based Mental Health Therapist—In this position, Therapists work with teachers and staff to advise them of students with behavioral conditions. They work with those students to minimize any disruptive behavior so their education and development do not suffer. You will also be required to provide school-wide crisis response on an as-needed basis. 
  4. Staff Psychiatrist—As a Staff psychiatrist, you will perform consultative psychiatric evaluations, history and mental status exams, and comprehensive biopsychosocial assessments. You are also responsible for administering medication and monitoring patients for any adverse side effects.
  5. Performance Psychologist—In this role, you will deliver counseling, crisis management, and psychoeducational programming to players, staff, and families of a major league soccer club. You will also develop wellness programs and other mental health resources to address any mental health issue. 

When you search online for jobs in psychology, you will find hundreds of available positions that offer an exciting career path. You can choose a variety of different areas to specialize in where you will be responsible for improving the lives of your patients. 

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Behavioral Health Jobs gives job seekers a dedicated website to find a new career in the behavioral health industry. In addition to new psychology jobs available every day, we also provide helpful information about resume building, interview tips, and other important information to help you land a new job. 

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