Skills Needed to Be a Trauma Therapist

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Trauma therapy is a growing field in mental healthcare as more and more people begin to understand the harmful effects of unresolved trauma. For those who want to help people who struggle with trauma, there are multiple skills needed to be a trauma therapist. These can include knowledge and experience with behavioral therapies, administering and interpreting mental health assessments, expressing empathy, and having excellent interpersonal and communication skills. 

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Continue reading to learn the trauma therapist job requirements, then check out all available therapist jobs on the Behavioral Health Jobs website today.  

Hard and Soft Skills Needed to Be a Trauma Therapist 

Clinical roles such as trauma therapists require extensive education, technical training, and supervised experience before you can diagnose and treat patients. A bachelor’s degree in psychology, behavioral science, or social work will give you a solid educational foundation and is required for the next level of education. Most senior trauma therapy positions require a master’s degree in: 

  • Counseling or clinical psychology 
  • Social work 
  • Marriage and family therapy 
  • Clinical mental health counseling 

Once completing a master’s degree and gaining 1-2 years of supervised clinical experience, you can continue your education by earning a certification in trauma-focused therapies, like eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) or somatic experiencing. 

Hard Skills 

You learn Hard skills through post-secondary education, certificate programs, seminars, and workshops. They include essential trauma therapist skills such as knowledge of the different types of traumas, mastery of CBT, DBT, and other types of behavioral therapies, and proficiency in administering assessments and interpreting them to create personalized treatment plans.  

Soft Skills 

Soft skills are those that you pick up naturally through daily interactions with your peers, family, friends, co-workers, and mentors. They cover necessary skills such as emotional intelligence, resilience, cultural sensitivity, communication and active listening skills, and compassion and empathy.   

These are just a few of the trauma therapist job requirements you’ll need to succeed in this challenging career path. Be sure to read the job post carefully for a complete list of skills and education requirements.  

At Behavioral Health Jobs, our News & Resources pages include a number of career tips and advice, such as what skills are needed to be a trauma therapist. You can check out these tips before starting a new career search.  

Trauma Therapy Jobs Available Today 

Working as a trauma therapist is a rewarding and challenging career choice. You will be thrilled when your patients succeed and feel their pain when they stumble. Emotional resilience and a strong passion are essential skills for any trauma therapist.  

The following is a short list of the available Trauma therapy jobs you can search for today: 

  1. Equine Therapist, NID Youth and Family Counseling – As an Outpatient Therapist, you will nurture the hope, healing, and resilience of Idaho teens and their families. Job requirements include a master’s degree and licensing for LMSW, LCSW, LMAFT, LMFT, LPC, or LCPC. 
  2. Trauma Therapist – You will work as part of Where Hope Loves clinical team to deliver CSE/CSEC and trauma-responsive residential services to adolescent females aged 13-17. You will complete intake assessments and treatment planning, monitor patient progress and update treatment plans, participate in crisis interventions, and perform other duties. You will need a master’s degree and be certified as an LCSW to qualify for this position.  
  3. CBI/Crisis Intervention Therapist – You will work with patients on an outpatient basis, assisting them with various psychiatric disorders. You will provide support with assessing and coordinating benefits and services and provide on-site therapy within the patient’s home. This is a long-term contract position that pays between $50-$60/hour. 

When searching for a specialized field in healthcare, set your keyword search to the specific job title. This will give you a more accurate search that matches your skills and career path.  

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