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A person with substance use or mental health disorders may need to engage in psychotherapy, sometimes called talk therapy. Talk therapy gives them a chance to face their struggles with mental health or substance abuse head-on with the help of a mental health professional. Several psychotherapy programs are available, each providing unique and essential support. The right psychotherapy program equips a person with the tools they need to overcome their challenges.

Mental health professionals like licensed therapists are the trusted guides during talk therapy programs. These professionals help people set their addiction aside and take the steps on the road to recovery. Find a career in mental healthcare by searching for “psychotherapist jobs near me” at Behavioral Health Jobs today. 

What Are Some of the Types of Psychotherapy?

Each psychotherapy approach provides a different level or type of help. Here are some examples of the most common forms.

Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Therapies

These therapies work to change problematic behaviors and feelings by focusing on the unconscious meanings behind them. During individual therapy, a counselor works with a person to uncover how past life events, relationships, feelings, and other emotions change a person’s outlook. Then, it works to correct those imbalances.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy focuses on the fact that all negative behaviors are learned and can be changed. It works to explore the reasons behind the behaviors and correct the underlying cause.

Cognitive Therapy

This type of therapy focuses on the role of what a person thinks and how it impacts their actions. When a person has improper, inaccurate, or negative thoughts, that can lead to negative outcomes. In this therapy, the focus is on overcoming harmful or dysfunctional thinking to stop the negative emotions and behaviors. It also empowers people to control their outcomes by changing their thought patterns.

Humanistic Therapy

Therapists using this therapy focus on a person’s ability to make rational choices to develop their maximum potential. The focus here is on respect and concern for other people. During it, therapists work with their clients to change by emphasizing their concern for the patient.

Which Types of Psychotherapy Are Most Effective?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The most effective therapy is the one that meets a person’s specific needs. Different types of psychotherapy can be more or less helpful, depending on the individual and their particular circumstances.

Some people may find cognitive therapy helpful in dealing with their depression. Others may appreciate the focus on emotions and relationships in humanistic therapy. And still, others may prefer the more directive approach of behavioral therapy.

Helping People with Addiction Through Psychotherapy

May different jobs in the behavioral health industry work with people going through talk therapy. Licensed therapists, social workers, and counselors are just a few of the positions that may help those with addiction.

If you’re interested in becoming a licensed therapist, you can find many schools that offer the necessary education. The field of behavioral health is expected to grow in the coming years, so there is a good chance you’ll be able to find a job in this area.

Mental health professionals who work with people struggling with addiction can make a big difference in their lives. Helping people overcome their struggles and achieve sobriety is a rewarding experience. If you’re interested in this type of work, consider becoming a licensed therapist.

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