Tips for Avoiding Burnout at Work

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The lingering pandemic has significantly increased employee burnout rates as companies struggle to staff their healthcare facilities fully. Avoiding burnout is essential for your mental health and keeping your risk of depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders low. If you are currently looking for mental health or behavioral healthcare position, check out the available job listings at Behavioral Health Jobs.

Behavioral Health Jobs has a wide database of jobs in the healthcare industry if you are one of the millions of Americans looking for work. We have job listings for all levels of experience and in all departments and categories in the healthcare industry. Keep reading to learn healthy tips for avoiding burnout in the workplace.

Recognizing Signs of Burnout at Work

Workplace burnout is an increasing problem that can negatively affect your mental health and job performance. It can lead to poor behavior at work and affect the attitude of those who have to work around you. Negative attitudes can spread quickly in the workplace and impact others’ performance. 

Common signs of burnout at work include:

  • Increasingly poor behavior a work
  • A lack of motivation
  • exhaustion
  • Frequently calls in sick
  • Irritability
  • Substance abuse

Burnout can take weeks to months to build up and affect attitude and performance. Avoiding burnout is possible if you begin taking steps to recognize that you are struggling with workplace burnout. 

Tips for Avoiding Burnout at Work

Avoiding burnout at work is beneficial to both employee and employer. All it takes is one negative attitude to affect others and lower employee morale. Follow these tips for avoiding burnout at work:

  • Ask for help – It can be hard to ask for help, but doing so can help you avoid burnout and lower your job satisfaction. Keeping any negative feelings to yourself about your job only increases your resentment as you begin obsessing over the negative. Talk with a close friend or therapist about your feelings so you can work on avoiding burnout and maintaining your good health. 
  • Start an exercise routine – Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and improve your well-being mentally and physically. If you are at work and feeling frustrated, go for a walk to get some fresh air and clear your head. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise you can do anywhere, and there are plenty of 5-10 minute routines that you can fit into your busy schedule. 
  • Eat a balanced diet – Getting enough nutritious food during the day is vital for your overall health. Stress can cause bad eating habits as you are more likely to reach for comfort food when feeling frustrated or overworked. Avoid eating heavy meals that can make you tired. Bring healthy snacks from home that you can eat instead of fast food. 
  • Get plenty of sleep – Sleep is essential for your mental and physical health. You should try to get 6-8 hours of sleep each night and not drink any caffeine or energy drinks before bedtime. Instead of watching TV or on your smartphone in bed, try reading a book to help you relax and fall asleep. 
  • Take a break – Making time for yourself can help lower stress and allow you to focus. Take a vacation to your favorite spot or simply unplug and spend a few days at home relaxing. 

Behavioral Health Jobs: Offering the Top Tips for Avoiding Burnout at the Workplace

Workplace burnout is very common today in all industries. Avoiding burnout is essential for your health and the health of any patients under your care. Follow these tips for avoiding burnout at work before it causes any worsening mental health conditions. 

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