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As our knowledge of what the human body can do increases, researchers and scientists create new treatment methods in an attempt to create a more holistic healing approach. What is a recreational therapist? This person uses recreational activities, such as yoga, meditation, and arts & crafts, to eliminate any restrictions caused by a physical or mental illness and improve their ability to function. Recreational therapists design each activity to aid the patient’s unique disability or care needs.  

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What Is a Recreational Therapist? 

A recreational therapist uses fun activities to assist patients who struggle with physical or mental health conditions. It is for people with developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety. It is a more natural approach to healing and uses activities that each patient can use to improve their overall health.  

What does a recreational therapist do? Some of the primary job duties of a recreational therapist include: 

  • Assess the patient’s mental and physical health to develop a customized treatment plan 
  • Organize and lead recreational activities in group and private sessions 
  • Monitor each patient’s progress and make adjustments to the program as necessary 
  • Document all therapy processes and progress reports 
  • Work with families to educate them on the condition and types of therapies that will benefit them 

To become a recreational therapist, you will need to complete a bachelor’s degree in recreational therapy or a related healthcare degree. Some companies may require advanced training through certifications, like the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) or the National Council for Therapeutic Recreational Certification (NCTRC). 

Behavioral Health Jobs contains the top jobs in the behavioral health industry for anyone who is interested in a worthwhile career. New jobs are posted daily for recreational therapists, mental health therapists, medical technicians, healthcare managers, and support staff.  

Recreational Therapy Jobs 

Recreational therapist jobs are available today, and it is one of the fastest-growing healthcare fields. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows this career path will increase by 4% by 2032.  

Here are some of the recreational therapist jobs that are available today: 

  1. Challenge Course/Adventure Supervisor – In this position, you will develop lesson plans and teaching aids for activities that are creative, dynamic, fun, and safe for all ages and abilities. You will strictly enforce safety guidelines, maintain assigned activity areas, and work with other staff to develop new activities and programs. This position requires a BA/BS in special education, therapeutic recreation, psychology, or related field.  
  2. Wellness Assistant – As a Wellness Assistant, you will assist in developing the community’s wellness programs for all residents. You will also collect patient data for assessment purposes and assist in implementing the plan of care based on each resident’s needs. This entry-level position requires a High School diploma and First Aid/CPR certifications. 
  3. Field Instructor – The duties for this position include supervising students to ensure safety and well-being, observing and recording student growth, creating and following through with personal growth goals, and maintaining a calm and supportive demeanor during tense situations. A High School diploma and CPR certification are required.  
  4. Certified Recreational Therapist – In this job, you will provide clinical patient recreational therapy services, including one-on-one and group treatments. You will plan and develop programs based on each patient’s needs, abilities, and impairments, maintain all clinical documentation, and consult with nursing staff regarding the patient’s physical, cognitive, and emotional growth. This position requires a bachelor’s degree in recreational therapy and CTRS certification. 

This is just a small sample of the recreational therapy jobs available today. Check out our job board daily for new recreational therapist jobs near you.  

Behavioral Health Jobs: Find a Recreational Therapist Job Near You Today 

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