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The mind is a complex organ that still holds many mysteries we are trying to uncover to understand ourselves and the world around us better. What is a research psychologist? This person plays a vital role in understanding how the brain works and how different factors influence how we think, act, and feel. They help psychologists and therapists develop new treatment methods based on their research. 

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What Is a Research Psychologist? 

A research psychologist is someone who works behind the scenes to study human behaviors and help answer some age-old questions about how we think, feel, and act. They are the ones responsible for understanding how addiction affects different people, why some people struggle with depression more than others, the long-term effects of trauma, and other important questions about our mental health.  

What does a research psychologist do? Here is a breakdown of this position’s job duties: 

  • They study a broad range of human and animal behaviors. 
  • They develop and conduct experiments exploring how people act, think, behave, interact, learn, feel, and perform under different environmental, social, and biological conditions.  
  • They design and conduct studies and evaluate research for flaws and bias. 
  • They collect behavioral data by interacting with patients, reading previous material, and scheduling data collections.  
  • They prepare technical reports, conduct statistical analyses, and develop research plans. 

To qualify for a research psychologist position, you will need a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, or a related field and a Master’s degree in experimental psychology. Doctorate degrees are available for those who wish to specialize in a specific field, like neuropsychology or social psychology.  

If you are ready to begin searching for a research psychologist job, the Behavioral Health Jobs website is a great place to start. In addition to our job board, we have a career advice section to answer questions like what is a research psychologist, how to conduct yourself in an interview, and other beneficial career advice.  

Research Psychologist Jobs 

Research psychologist jobs are in high demand at private research firms, universities, corporations, the military, and government agencies, so there are plenty of choices for where you want to work.  

Here is a short list of some of the research psychologist jobs that are available today: 

  1. Research Assistant at Virginia Tech – In this position, you will work within a team reporting to the CAP Lab Coordinator to collect data from EEG, questionnaires, and behavioral observations for healthy brain and child development. You will be responsible for the day-to-day functions of all research activities and lab-related projects.  
  2. Summer Camp Instructor – Behavioral Science at Sci-Tech Academy – As a summer instructor in behavioral science, you will attend and lead a 2-week training period, then teach three 2-week program blocks to teach students about behavioral/social sciences and the scientific method. This will include editing the curriculum, implementing TECHTalks, and prepping students for their final project.  
  3. Psychology Associate – Center for Neurodevelopment at Kennedy Krieger Institute – As a level I research associate, you will administer and score diagnostic, cognitive, academic, and behavioral assessments, prepare reports describing research participant’s performance, assist with research projects, and accurately code, verify, and enter research data into a database.  
  4. Research Psychometrist at General Dynamics Information Technology – Working with traumatic brain injury patients, you will administer and score neuropsychological and psychological tests for screening clinical and medical-board-related evaluations. You will document behavioral observations, prepare tests for review, and actively participate in clinical assessments with staff neuropsychologists.  

According to the American Psychological Association, there are 15 subfields of psychology, including research psychology, also known as experimental psychology. So, if this job is not right for you, there are other specialty psychology fields that you can look into.  

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