DBT Clinical Director – Baldwinsville, MA.

Job Overview

  1. Maintains an effective clinical organizational structure and delegate’s authority for completion of responsibilities.
  2. Functions as leader of multi-disciplinary Clinical Treatment Team/staffing meetings in absence of Executive Director
  3. Delivers direct patient services, such as primary therapist, performing individual and group therapist sessions, and documentation of events, as needed.
  4. Completes Bio-psychosocial, Vista Assessment, and Discharge Summary with patients, as needed.
  5. Provides for staff development (i.e., supervision, educational, etc.)
  6. Facilitates communication with ancillary services and facilitates case management services.
  7. Recruits and interviews new employees.
  8. Attends clinical and administrative meetings to integrate inter-departmental sharing of information.
  9. Works Collaboratively with the Senior Management Team.
  10. Knowledge of policies and procedures and ability to communicate these clearly and accurately to staff.
  11. Knowledge of emergency procedure; ability to communicate these clearly and accurately to staff.
  12. Displays ability to direct and supervise clinical staff and activities.
  13. Evaluates clinical staff based on specified performance standards, on a timely basis.
  14. Provides a safe, therapeutic environment for staff and patients.
  15. Initiates appropriate counseling and disciplinary action for infraction of policy.
  16. Evaluates the impact of therapeutic interventions upon the therapeutic milieu.
  17. Assists in formulating standards for patient care.
  18. Collaborates with the medical staff to coordinate medical and nursing management of patient care.
  19. Understand and apply the program’s clinical philosophy
  20. Evaluates patient care weekly by assessing patients.
  21. Participates in the formulation and implementation of patient treatment plans.
  22. Aware of staff strengths and limitations and makes assignments accordingly.
  23. Be effective in finding needed resources
  24. Maintain clinical records according to program policies and those of licensing and accrediting agencies
  25. Use good clinical judgment in moving patient through treatment levels
  26. Coordination of daily utilization review tasks such as: (1) responding to UR thread, (2) review of patient’s clinical and medical record, (3) consulting with DON on appropriate patient LOC, (4) completion of ASAMS that inform transfer summaries, (5) preparing all of these factors to ensure an appropriate outcome for patient
  27. Reviews and approves preadmissions
  28. Completion of weekly random clinical chart audits.
  29. Completion of QA and Compliance reports for PI.
  30. Rotates on call with Management Team.
  31. Seeks final approval for any employee and patient issues from Executive Director.
  32. Demonstrates ability to work with Substance Abuse clients.
  33. Responsible for daily operations of facility


LICENSURE NEEDED –> LMHC, LCSW, LMFT preferred. DBT Certified. CAP preferred.

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