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Freelance and contract jobs are becoming more popular in today’s job market for their flexibility and better work/life balance. There are many benefits of being a freelancer for individuals who have a strong work ethic, can work with minimal supervision, and can manage their time well. It offers more freedom to work for the people or companies you want while helping a wider range of people with behavioral and mental health problems.  

Behavioral Health Jobs is an online database of jobs in the behavioral health industry for job seekers who are interested in freelance, contract, or full-time employment. Our job board is updated daily with freelance and contract positions in administrative, technical, and clinical positions. Job seekers can search for a new job by employment type, distance from home, and other search criteria. If you are interested in finding behavioral health freelance jobs in a hospital, treatment center, or other organizations, check out Behavioral Health Jobs online job listings today.  

Freelancing vs. Contracting 

It was not that long ago that the only options for employees were full or part-time employment with no other options to fit with their work and personal ambitions. Today, companies have recognized the need for more flexible work options and have increased or added freelance and contract positions. Before you decide to become a freelancer or contractor, there are some key differences between the two.  

Freelance Positions 

Freelancers are self-employed and can work for multiple clients at the same time. They typically take on single projects that can last for a few hours, days, weeks, or months. They do not have a written contract of employment and, many times, will not receive any benefits that full and part-time employees have. Freelancers set their own rates and are responsible for keeping track of all income and paying taxes on time.  

Contract Positions 

Independent contractors are temporary employees that have a set number of days in the contract, with some contracts lasting several years. They often work on longer projects than freelancers and are considered full-time employees, except they only work on a specific project and don’t receive benefits. Contractors often work on-site, and once the project is complete, they can either sign a new contract or choose to accept another contract with a different company.  

These are just a few differences between freelancing vs. contracting. One thing to keep in mind about becoming a freelancer is they are responsible for marketing themselves and building a client base. In contrast, contractors typically work through an agency or two. If you are great at promoting yourself and working with zero supervision, freelancing may be the best option for your career goals.  

Is Freelance the Right Path for You? 

As with any major career decision, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of freelance work. The most immediate benefit is that freelancing can allow you to set your own hours and have more control over your daily schedule. You also don’t need to worry about commuting or adhering to a strict office dress code – something especially appealing to those who love to work from home or need more flexibility with their lives. 

However, freelancing does come with some drawbacks. Many freelancers are not always guaranteed a steady income and may have to hustle for each gig they get. Additionally, you will be responsible for setting up your own taxes and retirement plan—something that salaried employees are provided by their employers. 

Despite this, many who choose a freelance career say the benefits of freelance outweigh any drawbacks. 

Benefits of Being a Freelancer 

Freelance workers have more flexibility and freedom to choose the jobs that interest them the most and can work at any time of the day, seven days a week. Freelancers often do not have a traditional weekend, and their days off will depend on the current project and its deadline.  

Here are just some of the benefits of being a freelancer: 

  • Freelancers can work from home or wherever they want. All they need is a laptop, cell phone, and an internet connection 
  • They can set their own rates and pick and choose the projects they want 
  • They can take on multiple clients simultaneously 
  • More companies are turning to freelance workers to cut down on hiring and training costs 
  • The opportunity to work with a diverse group of people from all backgrounds 
  • Have a client base that allows you to work on a variety of different projects 
  • Improved social and communication skills 
  • A better work/life balance 

There are many other benefits of being a freelancer for those who can handle being their own boss and manage their time effectively. Individuals with clinical experience can work freelance and help a wider range of individuals and families who are struggling with their mental health.  

Apply for Freelancing Jobs Today at Behavioral Health Jobs 

At Behavioral Health Jobs, our website is full of freelance, contract, and full/part-time jobs in the behavioral health industry. No matter what employment type you are looking for, you will find hundreds of jobs that you can apply for today. To aid your career search, we also provide tips and helpful information for landing your dream job in a number of industries.  

If you are interested in a freelance behavioral health job, visit the Behavioral Health Jobs website today to begin a new career search. 

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