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How Many Teens Have Access to Heroin?

It’s no surprise that drug and alcohol abuse is common amongst teens. And heroin—one of the most potent drugs to become addicted to—is widespread. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that two percent of eighth and tenth graders have tried heroin in recent years. The same report disclosed that three percent of twelfth graders have also used heroin. Teens

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How Holistic Treatment Centers Promote Lasting Sobriety

When people begin the journey to sobriety and try to find addiction treatment, some think holistic treatment centers only use alternative methods to promote healing. However, that’s not true. Rather, their modalities combine with evidence-based therapies for healing. Holistic treatment centers are an excellent option for those who may not be as successful in a purely clinical setting. Instead, these

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Benefits of Inpatient Treatment for Those Struggling

A residential treatment program is often the best way to begin addiction recovery. During the initial stages of recovery, budding sobriety is most at risk. An inpatient program can help adjust to the therapeutic environment. If someone has the flexibility to enroll in residential rehab, perhaps they can get a leg up on recovery. Across the country, there are thousands

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Importance of Counseling for Substance Abuse

Counseling for substance abuse disorders is essential for anyone looking for a safe and effective recovery experience. Breaking the physical dependence on drugs or alcohol is just the first step toward lifelong recovery. Patients can expect to participate in behavioral and holistic therapies for several months or longer to develop the necessary skills for lifelong, sustainable recovery. Substance abuse counselor

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What Is a Recovery Coach?

A recovery coach, or sobriety coach, is a broad title for an individual that wears many hats and covers many different roles. Recovery coaches work to remove barriers and obstacles while supporting people seeking to overcome obsessive, compulsive, and destructive behaviors. These mentors spark an ongoing relationship to help people who are in recovery or seeking recovery from substance use

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Benefits of a Sponsor After Rehab

After working hard to make it through alcohol detox and alcohol addiction rehab treatment, many people look for groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) to continue recovering. After finding a suitable group, many begin to explore the benefits of a sponsor. Finding a sponsor to work alongside their continuing mental health and addiction treatment can be

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Types of Outpatient Programs in Houston

Addiction affects approximately 20 million Americans a year, but no two of those 20 million are exactly the same. Some people started drinking to ease their social anxiety as teenagers. Some got hooked on OxyContin prescribed by their doctor after major surgery. Others used heroin or cocaine to self-medicate challenging mental health issues, such as depression or PTSD. There are

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How to Support a First Responder Who Is Battling Addiction

Today’s first responders face insurmountable challenges. Increased demands and pressure, pandemic fatigue, and natural disaster can lead to compounded stress and unhealed trauma among first responders. Unfortunately, many first responders lack tools to support stress reduction and heal work-related trauma. This stress often leads to self-soothing with addictive substances. Luckily, there are now first responder support programs run by mental

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Understanding the Role of a Social Worker

The number of people who need social work services is growing every day. The role of a social worker is to help these people in need. There are many different types of social workers, each with its own specialty. Starting a career in social work can be rewarding, but it is also important to understand the different roles of a

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The Importance of Substance Abuse Counselors

Substance abuse counselors play an important role in helping those struggling with addiction. They provide support and guidance to help individuals develop coping and recovery strategies. There is a growing need for substance abuse counselors as the rates of addiction continue to rise. It is important to understand addiction and its causes to succeed in this field. Counselors must be

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