Life as a Social and Community Service Manager

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A social and community service manager is responsible for working with community members to organize and promote programs and services that support public safety and well-being. They work with various organizations to support children, people experiencing homelessness, older adults, and veterans struggling with substance abuse or other mental health disorders. You can find social and community service manager jobs in various organizations across the country and in a city near you. 

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What Is it Like to Be a Social and Community Service Manager?

One of the key roles of a social and community service manager is to show the effectiveness of the programs and services that they offer. They monitor each program, report their findings to administrators and funders, and suggest necessary improvements. 

As a social and community service manager, you will:

  • Work with community members to identify necessary programs and services
  • Oversee all administrative aspects of the programs
  • Recruit, hire, and train all new staff members
  • Supervise social workers who work directly with patients
  • Continual analysis of data to ensure program effectiveness
  • Suggest and implement improvements as necessary
  • Plan and manage outreach activities
  • Write proposals for social services funding

At Behavioral Health Jobs, we help job seekers find the best jobs in social work and other fields in the behavioral health industry. The need for social workers is growing, with an expected 15% job growth by 2030. 

Available Jobs in Social Work

Social workers are a valuable asset to individuals and families in the community struggling with their mental health. This is a very rewarding career choice with an average salary between $58,000 – $67,000 per year.

Here are some of the available jobs in social work that you can apply for today:

  • Virtual K-12 school-based therapist – In this role, you will provide remote consultations, solution-focused therapeutic interventions, and crisis interventions for children and teens. You will also collaborate with a care management team and participate in training, meetings, and other activities.
  • Psychology associate – This position works with adult sex offenders and provides assessments, evidence-based treatment programs, and re-entry planning services. You will also recommend new treatments or modalities to the program director to ensure the programs continue to be effective for all patients.
  • University counseling specialist – Candidates for this position are responsible for providing individual and group counseling for students with personal, psychological, or adjustment issues. You will also participate in crisis intervention, develop and implement educational workshops, and consult with faculty and staff regarding students’ progress. 
  • Licensed social worker – You will work with individuals and their families to provide therapy for psychosocial and environmental problems that they are facing. You will participate in assessments and identify mental health disorders and brief behavioral health interventions through hospitalization and outpatient treatment programs. 

A career as a social worker is an enriching career path with many areas to specialize in, such as marriage and relationship counseling, addiction treatment, and child development. 

Find Your New Career in Social Work at Behavioral Health Jobs

At Behavioral Health Jobs, we have thousands of social worker jobs and other careers in the behavioral health industry. Our job board is updated daily with new jobs and career advice that can help you find your next job. To find a new career as a social and community service manager or other exciting careers in social work, check out the available jobs on the Behavioral Health Jobs website today.

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