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Writing Your Resume for Healthcare

When people are applying for jobs online, one of the most frequently asked questions is how to write a resume. Many employers no longer simply require that you fill out a job application. Instead, you need to submit a resume for healthcare as well as many other fields. If you have never written a behavioral health resume before, you might

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Executive Jobs in Healthcare

Not all healthcare jobs involve working hands-on with patients. There are executive job opportunities for those interested in working in healthcare but prefer a business-related position. Executive jobs in healthcare revolve around all aspects of keeping the hospital up and running. While they may not interact directly with patients nearly as nurses and doctors, executive positions serve a crucial purpose

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Helpful Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

Many people are taking advantage of all the new job opportunities popping up in the healthcare field. With aging baby boomers, the introduction of telehealth, and increasing awareness of mental health and addiction, there is now a higher demand for health care services. One of the most frequently asked questions of job seekers is if you need to include a

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5 Popular Jobs in the Mental Health Field

Jobs in the mental health field continue to expand as awareness of the importance of mental health has grown. If you are interested in sustainable mental health careers, you now have a choice between traditional jobs and remote job opportunities. This widens the range of opportunities since you are no longer restricted to finding a job within commuting distance or

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Difference Between a Counselor Vs. Therapist

If you are interested in helping people with their personal or relationship problems, you may be considering behavioral health career opportunities in counseling or therapy. While these terms are often used interchangeably, there are actually some differences between a counselor and a therapist. Getting clear on the job responsibilities and education and training requirements can help you decide the best

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Find Telehealth Jobs Near You

With record levels of stress being reported across the country over the past year comes a correlating rise in the need for addiction treatment. Many addiction treatment facilities had to close their doors temporarily or enforce a strict reduction in capacity to help maintain the safety of their staff. Addiction does not follow stay-at-home orders but rather tends to increase

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5 Remote Jobs in Healthcare

Over the past year, remote jobs in healthcare have been opening up faster than ever before. Employers in many fields have learned the benefits of remote positions and found more ways to incorporate freelancers and remote employees into their workforce. This also rings true with behavioral health jobs, which can greatly expand your opportunities since you are no longer limited

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What Is a Behavioral Health Technician?

Not all professions in the behavioral health field require a medical degree or even a master’s degree. If you want to help others heal from mental health conditions and addiction, but you do not want to spend long years earning an advanced degree, there are still plenty of other options. Behavioral health technicians, also referred to as mental health technicians,

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