How to Deal with Rejection from a Job

Finding a job that’s the perfect fit can be challenging. But what happens when you’ve found your dream job, applied, and gotten rejected? It can feel like a personal attack. You might start to doubt your qualifications or wonder what you could have done differently. Rejection is always hard, but it’s especially difficult when it feels like your dream is

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How to Write an Elevator Pitch for an Interview

Making a good first impression is essential when interviewing for a job. You want to be well-spoken, articulate, and confidently answer all of the questions that come your way. One of the best ways to make an excellent first impression is through an elevator pitch. You will need to know how to write an elevator pitch for an interview to

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Helpful Tips for Building Your Network

For young healthcare professionals, building your network can help you find new career opportunities and gain valuable insight into new techniques for helping patients. Networking allows young professionals to meet others from different companies to see how they are coping with workplace stress common in the healthcare field. It is also an effective way of advancing toward your career goals

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How to Identify a Qualified Job Candidate

Finding the best job candidates for your healthcare organization or behavioral health facility can be challenging. It can be a full-time job to go through the hundreds of resumes, check references, and verify the qualifications and education required to find qualified job candidates. Behavioral Health Jobs offers a dedicated database of available jobs in the behavioral health industry for you

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How Behavioral Health Occupations Benefit Society

The U.S. is facing a growing mental health crisis, with nearly 20% of adults struggling with some form of mental health disorder. Several behavioral health occupations can help men and women turn their lives around and lead happy and productive lives. Behavioral Health Jobs offers available job listings for those who want a rewarding career in the behavioral health industry.

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Popular Administrative Jobs in Behavioral Health

Administrative jobs in the behavioral health industry are available for individuals looking for a rewarding career. Finding administrative jobs at a behavioral health clinic is an excellent way to break into the industry while working on your post-secondary education. For available job listings for administrative work in the behavioral health field, check out the jobs at the Behavioral Health Jobs

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How to Begin Your Job Search in the Mental Health Field

Finding a job in the mental health field is an enriching career where you can help people recover from various mental health issues. There are jobs available for qualified applicants at all levels, from administrative, management, clinical services, and many more. You can find hundreds of available job listings at Behavioral Health Jobs. Our job listing website specializes in behavioral

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How To Market Yourself in the Behavioral Health Space

Out of the millions of Americans dealing with mental, emotional, or behavioral health issues, only a small percentage will seek help. Sometimes this is because they do not think there are any available behavioral health resources in their area. Marketing yourself in the behavioral health space is an integral part of providing mental health care to those who need it.

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Writing Your Resume for Healthcare

When people are applying for jobs online, one of the most frequently asked questions is how to write a resume. Many employers no longer simply require that you fill out a job application. Instead, you need to submit a resume for healthcare as well as many other fields. If you have never written a behavioral health resume before, you might

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