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Mental Health Jobs in California

Mental health jobs in California are in high demand as the need for qualified mental health specialists continues to rise. The mental health industry is expecting a job growth rate three times higher than other professions now that most insurance plans cover mental health treatment. There are hundreds of California behavioral health jobs available throughout the state that you can

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Behavioral Health Jobs in Miami

The number of behavioral health jobs in Miami is rising, and the need for qualified candidates has never been higher. Job seekers will have access to hundreds of entry, mid, and senior-level positions in several different industries in Miami and throughout Florida. Many companies offer attractive benefits packages to attract qualified candidates, including tuition and licensing reimbursement. There are plenty

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Popular Crisis Intervention Techniques

Crisis intervention is a process where family and friends get together to talk to their friend or loved one struggling with addiction and try to convince them to seek help. There are several different crisis intervention techniques for crisis intervention, and it can take an experienced therapist to perform an intervention without causing further harm. Several crisis intervention specialist jobs

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Importance of Counseling for Substance Abuse

Counseling for substance abuse disorders is essential for anyone looking for a safe and effective recovery experience. Breaking the physical dependence on drugs or alcohol is just the first step toward lifelong recovery. Patients can expect to participate in behavioral and holistic therapies for several months or longer to develop the necessary skills for lifelong, sustainable recovery. Substance abuse counselor

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What Is Psychotherapy?

Talk therapy, otherwise known as psychotherapy, helps treat various mental health disorders and can help people process troubling thoughts and emotions. Psychotherapy benefits several industries, from hospitals, primary schools and universities, private organizations, community centers, and government programs. It is a very enriching career with many different areas in which to specialize. If you are searching for “psychotherapist jobs near

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What Is a Developmental Specialist

A developmental specialist is someone who has a direct impact on children and adolescents with developmental issues. They work with children and their families to assist in their educational and developmental goals through various behavioral and holistic therapies and medication management. When searching for “developmental specialist jobs near me,” check out the available jobs at Behavioral Health Jobs, where you

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Stress Management Techniques

Work. Family. Money. Health. The stress of living is inescapable. It doesn’t have to feel overwhelming, especially by mastering and practicing stress management techniques. Finding ways to reduce stress can keep you safe and healthy while providing a better chance of avoiding problems such as substance abuse. The link between stress and substance abuse is well documented. Seeking peace of

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What Is a Recovery Coach?

A recovery coach, or sobriety coach, is a broad title for an individual that wears many hats and covers many different roles. Recovery coaches work to remove barriers and obstacles while supporting people seeking to overcome obsessive, compulsive, and destructive behaviors. These mentors spark an ongoing relationship to help people who are in recovery or seeking recovery from substance use

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Benefits of a Sponsor After Rehab

After working hard to make it through alcohol detox and alcohol addiction rehab treatment, many people look for groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) to continue recovering. After finding a suitable group, many begin to explore the benefits of a sponsor. Finding a sponsor to work alongside their continuing mental health and addiction treatment can be

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