Stress Management Techniques

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Work. Family. Money. Health. The stress of living is inescapable. It doesn’t have to feel overwhelming, especially by mastering and practicing stress management techniques. Finding ways to reduce stress can keep you safe and healthy while providing a better chance of avoiding problems such as substance abuse. The link between stress and substance abuse is well documented. Seeking peace of mind, many people turn to their favorite drink or drug. Do it enough times, and they might become physically dependent.

Millions of people in the U.S struggle with an addiction every year. The need for mental health professionals to provide treatment and support to these people is dire. Are you ready for a new career? Explore new job opportunities at Behavioral Health Jobs. You may find the perfect opening to provide needed help to people struggling with their mental health. Start your search by browsing hundreds of on-site and remote positions today.

Stress Management Techniques

The data on stress are alarming. According to one source, an estimated 80% of Americans report experiencing periods and feelings of stress related to the workplace. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Taking action against stress is within your power — and, indeed, vital to living a good life. You can take action by learning and then practicing stress management techniques through our concierge addiction recovery services.

The techniques that work will be a little different for everyone. But some of the basics to remember include:

  • Move –Exercise of any kind, even just taking the dog for a walk, gets positive brain chemicals flowing.
  • Practice reframing – This practice takes the most work. Acknowledge your initial response but consider other less negative explanations for how you feel.
  • Interact – Volunteer or start a hobby that puts you around other people. 
  • Improve schedule management – Learn to prioritize what means the most to you.
  • Personal care – Get enough sleep and eat right.

How Stress Leads to Substance Abuse

The distance from stress to substance abuse is remarkably short. When someone is under stress, their body commands attention through headaches, stomach problems, or other physical outlets. Many people turn to substances to try and find relief, and things get out of control. A glass of wine becomes a bottle, and once in a while becomes every night.

It’s easy for that initial taste of relief to become a crutch as the brain and its chemistry transform. Now, because of substance abuse, they depend on drugs or alcohol to get them through the day.

It’s nothing to be ashamed about; addiction can happen quickly and easily. But to avoid getting to this point, people should learn and practice stress management techniques through mental health services. That takes the risk of substance abuse down substantially.

Turning Things Around

If substance abuse does creep into someone’s life, then it’s a good time to pick up the phone can contact a treatment program for an addiction intervention. Drug and alcohol treatment offers a series of evidence-based protocols to end the dependency and chart habits for a better life. The different stages of treatment include:

  • Health evaluation and assessment
  • Detoxification
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Aftercare to control the risk of relapse

In the course of treatment, people learn more about various stress management techniques. These practices can benefit every aspect of life for years to come, even after they learn to control their addiction.

Teach Stress Management with New Behavioral Health Jobs

Providing stress management education and other forms of addiction support can be enriching. Helping someone overcome their addiction can help them save their lives. With substance abuse rates in the U.S continuing to climb, the need for more people to enter the mental health field continues to skyrocket.

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