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Find Behavioral Health Jobs in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania is experiencing a record-high number of mental health cases, with nearly 20% of adults over 18 reporting having a mental health illness. There are hundreds of available behavioral health jobs in Philadelphia and surrounding areas to help with this growing epidemic. If you are interested in a new and exciting career, check out the Pennsylvania behavioral health jobs available.

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Administrative Jobs in Behavioral Health

Working in the behavioral health field is an enriching career path. Healthcare administration jobs offer support for clinicians and medical professionals working hard to help men and women struggling with mental health disorders. The work you do will be instrumental in assisting them in providing the most effective care for their patients. Behavioral health administrative jobs offer a great starting

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Healthcare Jobs in California

In California, healthcare job openings are on the rise to help meet the growing demand for quality behavioral health support for men and women struggling with mental health illnesses. Hospitals, treatment centers, and other healthcare organizations are looking for skilled job candidates who want a rewarding yet challenging career where you will directly impact someone’s life for the better. Check

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Popular Remote Behavioral Health Jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the job market by showing employers and employees how beneficial remote work can be for both sides. Remote behavioral health jobs are available for job seekers who prefer to work from home for a better work-life balance while continuing to provide adequate mental health care treatment. By starting a remote behavioral health job, you can

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How Does One Become a Certified Counselor?

The behavioral health industry is seeing a significant increase in the number of new jobs, and this trend will continue for several years. Some studies suggest more than 20% growth by 2030. Becoming a certified counselor takes several years of education and can be very challenging, but it is one of the most rewarding careers you will ever do. You

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5 Benefits of Working Remote

Over the last few years, the benefits of working remote jobs in the behavioral health industry have become clear. It offers more flexibility and a better work-life balance, which is vital to today’s job seekers. Both employers and employees benefit from this work model, and more remote behavioral health jobs are becoming available as more companies adapt to the changing

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Understanding Psychiatrist vs. Psychologist

Many people interchange the terms psychiatrist and psychologist, thinking they are the same thing, but there are significant differences between them. The difference between psychiatrists and psychologists comes from the process they use to treat mental health illnesses. Clinical psychologist jobs are in high demand to meet the continuing mental health crisis that is gripping the country.  At Behavioral Health

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What Is a Mental Health Technician?

A mental health technician provides support for patients and therapists to ensure the facility continues to provide adequate care for its patients. They play a pivotal role in implementing treatment plans and assisting staff in caring for their patients. Mental health technician jobs are in high demand all across the country. They are an excellent way for young professionals to

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Popular Careers in Behavioral Health

Working in the behavioral health industry provides job candidates with an exciting and rewarding career. By joining the field, you will directly impact the lives of people struggling with their mental health and have an overall positive effect on the local community. There are many careers in behavioral health that you can choose, like health care technician in an addiction

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Utilizing Resume Keywords for Your Job Search

Have you ever sent out your resume to dozens of jobs and not gotten any callbacks? Your resume may not include the right resume keywords to get you noticed. Job recruiters see hundreds of resumes a day, and you need yours to stand out above the rest. Continue reading to learn which keywords you should include on your resume, or

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