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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the job market by showing employers and employees how beneficial remote work can be for both sides. Remote behavioral health jobs are available for job seekers who prefer to work from home for a better work-life balance while continuing to provide adequate mental health care treatment. By starting a remote behavioral health job, you can help more people across the country instead of being limited to your home city.  

Behavioral Health Jobs specializes in jobs in the behavioral health industry with remote and onsite positions available in a city near you. With computers now coming standard with video and audio capabilities, therapists and psychologists can remotely support individuals who do not have any local mental health resources. If you are interested in remote behavioral health jobs, check out the available job listings on the Behavioral Health Jobs website. 

Are Remote Jobs in Addiction Treatment Right for You?

Remote work is not suitable for every person. It takes greater dedication and an ability to stay focused without any direct supervision. Many outgoing employees who enjoy being around people will struggle in a home office environment, while others will thrive. Remote jobs are more feasible today and will have a broader impact on our economy and climate. 

If you are thinking about remote jobs in addiction treatment, here is a checklist of things you will need:

  • A stable internet connection capable of handling video conferencing.
  • A computer with video and audio recording capability. 
  • A desk and comfortable chair. Some companies may require a dedicated phone line.
  • A quiet, dedicated office space where you can block out external distractions.
  • An ability to work with zero supervision and still maintain your workload.

If you are unsure about working remotely full-time, many companies offer onsite and remote work options. As more and more companies adopt the new work model, you will see an increase in remote work opportunities. 

Popular Remote Behavioral Health Jobs to Begin an Exciting New Career

Here is just a sample of the available remote behavioral health jobs near you and across the country. 

  • Remote behavioral health social worker – This position provides therapeutic services for individuals and their families. You will work with a team to discuss treatment options and coordinate additional services for the patient. 
  • Tele-Behavioral health assessment team clinician – You will be responsible for performing remote assessments of patients and providing documentation, coordination, and recommendations for the appropriate level of care. 
  • Child and adolescent behavioral therapist – In this role, you will be supporting therapists, pathologists, and coaches to help them provide effective care all across the country. You will be supporting children and teens through cognitive-behavioral therapy and parent management training.
  • Intake and assessment therapist – This position performs assessments and evaluations while providing remote therapy and therapeutic support for clients looking for mental health support. You will assess each client’s needs and communicate with all care team members while following privacy regulations. 
  • On-call group therapist – In this job, you will assist in deploying multidisciplinary comprehensive substance abuse outpatient group therapy programs, including facilitating therapeutic recovery support groups. You will work with the Clinical Program Director to manage all necessary administrative duties relevant to the position. 

Behavioral Health Jobs: Your Best Source for Finding Popular Remote Behavioral Health Jobs

For jobseekers seeking remote behavioral health jobs, check out the available job listings on the Behavioral Health Jobs website. We specialize in the behavioral health industry with remote and onsite positions in addiction treatment centers, hospitals, schools, and other healthcare organizations. Browse through the hundreds of remote behavioral health jobs to begin finding your new dream remote job in the behavioral health industry.

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