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Writing a Cover Letter for Behavioral Health Technician Jobs

A cover letter and resume are your first introduction to potential employers. You want to ensure you are crafting the perfect cover letter for behavioral health technicians to grab their attention and get a call for an interview. You will need to tailor each letter specific to the job and company that you are applying for in a way that

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How to Deal with Rejection from a Job

Finding a job that’s the perfect fit can be challenging. But what happens when you’ve found your dream job, applied, and gotten rejected? It can feel like a personal attack. You might start to doubt your qualifications or wonder what you could have done differently. Rejection is always hard, but it’s especially difficult when it feels like your dream is

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Executive Jobs in Healthcare

Not all healthcare jobs involve working hands-on with patients. There are executive job opportunities for those interested in working in healthcare but prefer a business-related position. Executive jobs in healthcare revolve around all aspects of keeping the hospital up and running. While they may not interact directly with patients nearly as nurses and doctors, executive positions serve a crucial purpose

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Helpful Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

Many people are taking advantage of all the new job opportunities popping up in the healthcare field. With aging baby boomers, the introduction of telehealth, and increasing awareness of mental health and addiction, there is now a higher demand for health care services. One of the most frequently asked questions of job seekers is if you need to include a

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