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Telehealth services offer remote assistance to patients who are getting help with their mental health illness without going to a treatment center. Many behavioral health industry jobs are now shifting to support telehealth services, with many being offered as remote positions. Remote behavioral health jobs provide job seekers with more opportunities for employment all over the country. 

Behavioral Health Jobs is an online database of jobs in the behavioral health industry for job seekers looking for a rewarding career. Whether looking for telehealth mental health jobs or a more traditional in-person experience, our job board is updated daily with all the best mental health jobs. To begin your search for a new career, check out the remote behavioral health jobs on the Behavioral Health Jobs website.

Are Remote Healthcare Jobs Right for Me?

Remote work is not for everyone. Job seekers who prefer a more hands-on position with direct contact with patients will have trouble adapting to remote work. Remote work is best for job seekers who can work well with minimal supervision and have a dedicated workspace at home. It can be hard to concentrate when your roommates, spouse, or children are in the same room while on a conference call. 

If you are considering remote healthcare jobs, check to see if you have the following:

  • A steady internet connection that can handle video streaming without cutting out
  • Modern computer equipment with video and audio capability
  • A dedicated office space
  • An ability to work with minimal supervision and still keep up with caseload and documentation

Common Telehealth Jobs Available in the Mental Health Industry

To begin an exciting and challenging career with a new telehealth mental health job, here are some of the top remote healthcare jobs available today:

  • Telehealth counselor – This position offers a high level of evidence-based mental health counseling for patients via remote services. You will conduct initial assessments and develop treatment plans and provide individual, group, and couples counseling. 
  • Mental health therapist – Provides individual therapy sessions using various clinical approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) via telehealth services. You will document progress and make adjustments to a client’s treatment as necessary. 
  • Licensed behavioral health professional – In this position, you will remotely observe clients and listen to their concerns while developing and implementing a service plan to best treat their condition. You will help them identify goals and create coping skills to improve their overall health, and help clients find local support groups they can join.
  • Telehealth nurse – A Telehealth nurse offers telehealth support for patients and staff as part of a virtual care team. This position has direct contact with state, federal, and local agencies to assist in reaching the company’s development goals. 
  • Online counselor – This position deals directly with patients via telehealth services to provide assessments, case management, and psychotherapy for families and individuals. Counselors will work with the patient’s needs and update their treatment to meet their goals. 
  • Licensed independent clinical social worker clinical supervisor – You are responsible for providing clinical supervision and training for clinicians working on their certifications. You ensure they get the training and certifications needed to effectively support patients’ mental health needs. In addition, you will also provide case support for patients. 

Behavioral Health Jobs: Your Best Resource for Telehealth Mental Health Jobs

If you are interested in telehealth mental health jobs, Behavioral Health Jobs specializes in careers in the behavioral health industry. We have all of the top remote healthcare jobs and on-site positions across the country. To begin a rewarding career in the behavioral health industry, check out the available job listings today on the Behavioral Health Jobs website.

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