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After working hard to make it through alcohol detox and alcohol addiction rehab treatment, many people look for groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) to continue recovering. After finding a suitable group, many begin to explore the benefits of a sponsor. Finding a sponsor to work alongside their continuing mental health and addiction treatment can be the support they need to succeed in recovery.

Starting one of many jobs in behavioral health can be one of the most rewarding career opportunities you may find. You can provide compassionate support to people who need it most, like those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. At Behavioral Health Jobs, you can find hundreds of open positions spanning all experience levels. With remote and on-site openings, you can find the perfect fit for your next job. Start by browsing the job boards and submitting your resume to job posters.

What Is a Sponsor?

The AA and NA communities consider sponsorship an essential component of any 12-step program. The benefits of a sponsor include shared experience and accountability, which are particularly important for someone who has just come out of recovery.

Many people maintain sobriety on their own. Yet, having a sponsor and taking their advice increases the chances of maintaining long-term sobriety. Keep reading to learn some of the benefits of a sponsor after recovery.

Shared Experiences

After completing a recovery program, many people have the best intentions for maintaining sobriety. However, they may not know how to pursue a 12-step program without help and guidance. A sponsor talks about past struggles and helps recognize feelings of helplessness stemming from addiction. Plus, they can share their own experiences, so people don’t feel alone on their journey.

Encouragement and Hope

The benefits of a sponsor include having someone offer encouragement and hope when people feel their weakest. They may feel like a failure and unable to avoid cravings and temptations. Talking to a sponsor can help them hang on through the darkest hours. Additionally, a sponsor can share their challenges and victories in overcoming alcohol abuse.

Sympathetic Ear and Active Listening

Friends and family members may not understand what someone went through during an addiction. They may also be unwilling to listen to them talk through their worse cravings. By finding a sponsor at NA or AA, they can speak to someone who has gone through the same struggles. Often, sponsors allow people to express their deepest thoughts without judging them.


If someone starts skipping meetings or isolating, their sponsor will check in to help them get back on track. They can also help keep long-term goals in mind when they feel overwhelmed. When they first start attending meetings, a sponsor can provide recovery literature and recommendations for the most effective meetings in the area.

Sponsors may also nudge people to do things that can help with their long-term sobriety. They may not be ready to take a service position, speak up in meetings, or offer help to others, but a sponsor can encourage them to try these things anyway.

Source of Motivation

It’s not easy to work through the 12 steps alone. One of the benefits of a sponsor is that they can provide support and help understand the different steps as progress is made. A good sponsor will also provide accountability to do the work and not skip steps.

The core value of NA and AA revolves around working through the 12 steps. The benefits of a sponsor can include lifelong friendships and guidance as people maintain their commitment to sobriety.

Find Addiction Careers at Behavioral Health Jobs

Providing professional support alongside a 12-step sponsor can significantly increase the chances that someone struggling with addiction can find success. More than 20 million people in the U.S. struggle with addiction every year, so the need for mental health professionals is dire.

If you’re looking for a career in addiction counseling or treatment, start your search at Behavioral Health Jobs. With hundreds of open positions, you can find the perfect job to help people overcome addiction and lead happy, healthy lives. Browse job postings and send your resume to employers today to start your journey to provide people with support.

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