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There can be some stiff competition when applying for healthcare jobs. Having a solid background in your specialty and the required or preferred level of education and licensing is important when you are job searching. Other candidates may also fit the bill for the job opening, so you will need to find ways to make your resume stand out from the pack. We will provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about how to help your resume get the attention it deserves so you can get the job you want.

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Do You Need an Objective on Your Resume for Healthcare?

One of the most important features of your resume is that it is concise but includes all of the pertinent information that matters to a potential employer. To keep your resume from getting too lengthy, you may wonder if you should skip the objective. However, a smartly crafted objective is like a catchy tagline that conveys who you are and what you want to do in just a few sentences. It is similar to a summary but with one key difference – you will also include your career goals. 

Your objective will be at the top of your resume, and many employers skim through resumes and may not read through the whole thing if the beginning does not grab their attention. A well-written objective can make your resume stand out but keep it to only two or three sentences. It should include:

  • Your degree, license, and/or certification
  • Your number of years of experience in relevant work
  • A brief description of how you will use your education, training, and experience in the position for which you are applying (your goals for the job)

Do You Need a Cover Letter for a Healthcare Resume?

You may be tempted to skip the cover letter, but some employers may see the lack of a cover letter as a bad sign. To them, it can appear that you are cutting corners and not putting in enough effort to show your interest in their job opening. All potential employers do not require cover letters, but it is best to include one every time. Here are some tips to make your resume stand out with a cover letter:

  • Limit it to one page.
  • Format it like a formal letter with a header, date, address, introduction, body, and closing. 
  • In the body, explain why you are the best candidate for the job.
  • Use relevant keywords, including the job title for which you are applying, degrees, certifications, licenses, and job titles or experiences you have that relate to the open job position. 

Do You Need to Change Your Resume for Each Potential Employer?

If you are applying for multiple jobs, you may want to write your resume once and send it off. While it may seem tedious, you should customize your resume for each potential employer if you want to make your resume stand out. Carefully read the responsibilities and requirements in each job posting and find ways to incorporate some of those points into your resume for healthcare. It shows that you paid attention to detail and took the time to personalize your resume for the company rather than sending out a cookie-cutter resume en masse.

Behavioral Health Jobs: Helping You Prepare an Attention-Getting Resume for Healthcare

Now that you have answers to some of the frequently asked questions when preparing a resume for healthcare jobs, head over to the jobs board at Behavioral Health Jobs. You will find postings for the latest jobs in behavioral health, and submitting a resume that stands out will help you land that interview.

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