Addiction Counseling Jobs in California

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Addiction counseling jobs in California are on the rise as more people experiment with drugs and alcohol. Over 2.5 million men and women struggle with addiction to alcohol, heroin, or other harmful substances in California, and those numbers will continue to rise each year. Behavioral health jobs in California are in high demand in administration, management, and clinical support in a city near you. 

At Behavioral Health Jobs, our database is dedicated to jobs in the behavioral health industry for men and women looking to make a difference in people’s lives. There are hundreds of available jobs for all education and experience levels. Many companies are offering higher pay and quality benefits like tuition reimbursement and mental health support to attract quality candidates. To start an exciting career in addiction counseling, check out all of the available behavioral health jobs in California today on the Behavioral Health Jobs website. 

Why Choose a Job Working in Addiction?

Working in addiction care is an enriching and challenging career where you can have a direct impact on improving the lives of countless people. It is one of the fastest-growing job markets today, and there will always be a need for addiction counselors to help patients and their families. Many people who go through addiction treatment turn their struggles into a career to help themselves and others who struggle with this treatable illness. 

If you are interested in a career as an addiction counselor, you will need a minimum of a bachelor’s or master’s degree to treat patients, along with certification from the Addiction Counselor Certification Board of California (ACCBC). Additional skills needed to thrive in this challenging position include:

  • Active listening skills
  • Able to express empathy
  • Strong communication skills
  • A strong desire to help people from all walks of life
  • Able to separate work and personal life
  • Able to motivate and inspire people into action

If you are interested in finding addiction counseling jobs in California, Behavioral Health Jobs is your best resource for finding a rewarding career in addiction counseling.

Addiction Counseling Jobs in California Available near You

Here are just some of the available addiction counseling jobs in California:

  1. Addiction counselor – In this role, you will facilitate co-ed group meetings for patients in detox or residential treatment programs. You are responsible for maintaining a positive environment and staying up to date with all documentation. This position starts at $20 per hour and requires RADT certification.
  2. LMFT, detox facility – As a marriage and family therapist, you will work with individuals struggling with addiction and their families. You will provide therapy using behavioral therapy techniques in private and group settings with no more than 12 clients to ensure proper care. This position requires LMFT/LPCC certifications and starts at $45 per hour.
  3. Remote LPCC – In this role, you will work with individuals and families remotely using telehealth services to reach more people who need help. You will have a full support staff taking care of documentation and assessments so you can concentrate 100% on supporting patients. This position pays up to $140,000 per year and requires LPCC, LMFT, or LCSW certifications.
  4. Primary therapist – As a primary therapist, you will provide a full range of psychotherapy and counseling for individuals, families, and groups using a variety of modalities, including dual diagnosis and case management. This position’s starting salary is $62,400 per year and requires a master’s degree and various certifications.

Search Behavioral Health Jobs Website Today for Jobs in Addiction Counseling and Support

Behavioral Health Jobs provides job seekers with a dedicated database for jobs in addiction counseling and other exciting careers in the behavioral health industry. The behavioral health industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today, and many employers are increasing their pay and benefits packages to attract qualified workers.

If you are interested in working in addiction care, browse through all of the available addiction counseling jobs in California on the Behavioral Health Job website today. 

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