Responsibilities of a Social Worker

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Social workers provide a valuable service to at-risk or underserved community members through hospitals, community centers, schools, and other organizations. They can support patients struggling with several behavioral health issues, such as addiction, depression, and other situations disrupting their lives. The responsibilities of a social worker include anything necessary that will benefit the patient’s life. Behavioral Health Jobs has hundreds of social worker jobs near you and across the country to begin a rewarding career helping people.

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Why Should You Become a Social Worker?

The role of a social worker is to support individuals and families struggling with addiction, relationship struggles, and other issues affecting their well-being. Social workers play an integral role in giving patient’s the tools and confidence they need to confront any situation they may face. 

Just some of the reasons to become a social worker include:

  • A very rewarding and challenging career where you will support countless individuals and families. 
  • Social worker jobs are expected to increase by 12% by 2030.
  • Employers are offering above-average pay and benefits packages to attract and keep qualified candidates.
  • More remote work options are now available for people who prefer to work from home due to family or medical reasons.

Social workers are responsible for assessing a patient’s needs, designing and implementing treatment plans, finding helpful resources, and whatever else is necessary to help them reach their goals.  

What Are the Responsibilities of a Social Worker?

The role of a social worker puts them in direct contact with men, women, and children from all walks of life. To thrive in such a challenging and diverse position, you will need excellent empathy and active listening skills, along with a strong desire to help people achieve their goals. 

Here are some of the responsibilities of a social worker:

  1. Assess the client’s needs – As a social worker, you will work closely with individuals and families and build trust and rapport with them. You will talk and listen to them to fully assess their situation to understand their goals. 
  2. Create and implement a treatment plan – From the information you gather from the assessment, you will create a treatment plan to address each individual’s needs. You will provide group and private therapy for individuals and families to focus on the issues that are affecting their lives.
  3. Find beneficial resources – In addition to providing therapeutic support, you will work with outside resources to help patients with a variety of needs. You will connect them with food banks, unemployment services, and other programs and agencies that can support their needs. 
  4. Evaluate and monitor progress – To ensure your patients reach their goals, you will continuously update their program based on their progress and any new issues that come up during therapy. 
  5. Serve as a client advocate – As a client advocate, you will be the voice for your patients when dealing with police, health services, and other organizations. You will speak for them to ensure they receive the care necessary for their recovery and well-being. 

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