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There are many entry-level behavioral health jobs for young professionals and students fresh out of school to start a rewarding career. These positions provide necessary clinical experience for job candidates seeking clinical experience to continue their education and qualify for certifications and positions with more responsibilities. The Behavioral Health Jobs website contains hundreds of entry-level behavioral health jobs currently hiring. 

Behavioral Health Jobs is a dedicated database of jobs in the behavioral health industry. We have positions available for every experience level and department in several companies, including treatment facilities, hospitals, government facilities, and community centers. If you are looking for entry-level behavioral health jobs in a city near you, check out the available jobs on the Behavioral Health Jobs website today. 

Education Requirements for Jobs in Behavioral Health 

If you are interested in jobs in behavioral health, you will be looking at several years of education beyond a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree. Many people will choose to work full or part-time at a treatment facility while going to school at night. This work can help speed up the time it will take to complete all of the education requirements and clinical experience necessary to excel in your career path. 

The typical education requirements for jobs in behavioral health include: 

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree through an accredited university 
  • Clinical experience through an internship or entry-level behavioral health job 
  • Passing licensing exams for certifications related to a specific field of practice 
  • Continuing education to stay current on the latest techniques and to renew certifications 

Successful candidates will need additional skills such as active listening, showing empathy, and emotional resilience to succeed in this challenging field. Seeing your patients thrive and lead healthy lives can more than make up for all of the stress this career path can produce.  

Entry-Level Behavioral Health Jobs to Start Your Career 

Here is a list of just some of the entry-level behavioral health jobs that are available today: 

  • Teaching assistant – This position assists educators and therapists with teaching children with mental health disorders. They help with daily tasks, like answering questions and keeping students orderly. Plus, they will assist with developing individual treatment plans for students and parents. 
  • Home health aide – In this role, employees will go to a person’s home to assist with daily tasks, like bathing, eating, and other housekeeping duties for patients with developmental or mental health illnesses. They will ensure the patient has everything they need while keeping up with medication and other therapies. 
  • Community health worker – A community health worker directly helps people in a community to connect them with the mental health services they need. They work with individuals struggling with a mental health condition and their families by helping them sign up for healthcare services like meal vouchers, healthcare services, and transportation to and from appointments.  
  • Peer support specialist – This position helps patients with an addiction or other mental health conditions. They work directly with patients, offering support and tips for coping with their emotions. Former patients often become peer support specialists to help others and continue their addiction recovery. 
  • Mental health case manager – In this role, case managers design treatment plans based on a patient’s individual symptoms and recovery goals. They coordinate with therapists and medical staff to create and approve the treatment plan while helping with any crises as they occur. 

The Benefits of Starting in an Entry-Level Position  

Starting in an entry-level position can be a great way to kickstart your career. Not only does it provide you with valuable experience and skills, but it also allows you to learn about the company from the ground up. Here are some of the top benefits of starting in an entry-level position: 

  • Gain hands-on experience – Entry-level positions often involve a lot of hands-on work, giving you the opportunity to learn and develop practical skills. This can be incredibly beneficial for your future career growth. 
  • Learn about the company culture – By starting in an entry-level position, you have the chance to truly immerse yourself in the company culture. This can give you a better understanding of how things work and help you build relationships with your colleagues. 
  • Develop new skills – Entry-level positions may require you to take on a variety of tasks, which gives you the chance to learn new skills and develop existing ones. This can make you a more well-rounded employee and increase your value in the job market. 
  • Network with colleagues – Starting at an entry-level position allows you to meet people from different departments within the company. By building relationships with your coworkers, you can expand your professional network and potentially open doors for future opportunities. 
  • Opportunity for advancement – Many companies have a clear career progression path for entry-level employees. By starting at the bottom, you have the chance to work your way up and take on more responsibilities as you gain experience. 
  • Gain a better understanding of the industry – Entry-level positions often involve working closely with senior employees, giving you the opportunity to learn from their expertise. This can provide you with a better understanding of the industry and how it operates. 
  • Build a strong work ethic – Starting in an entry-level position requires hard work and dedication. By consistently putting in your best effort, you can develop a strong work ethic that will benefit you throughout your career. 

By starting in an entry-level position, you not only have the chance to learn and grow professionally, but you also have the opportunity to make a positive impact on your company. 

Behavioral Health Jobs: Your First Stop for Entry-Level Behavioral Health Jobs Near You 

At Behavioral Health Jobs, we provide job seekers and employers with a dedicated job board for the behavioral health industry. We have entry-level behavioral health jobs in several job categories and every major city nationwide. If you are interested in starting a career in the behavioral health industry, check out the available jobs in mental health through our Behavioral Health Jobs website. 

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