How to Spot a Fake Job Posting

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Learning how to spot a fake job posting can help you avoid wasting your time applying for a job that doesn’t exist. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over two million open jobs in the healthcare industry every year. Unfortunately, sometimes these openings are fake and used to get people to join a paid service, check trends in the job market, and other reasons.  

At Behavioral Health Jobs, our job postings are carefully vetted for accuracy and to avoid fake postings. Our database is updated daily with new entry-level, mid, and senior-level positions in administration and management, technical, and clinical roles. We also provide job seekers with beneficial information on crafting their resumes, interview tips, and other career advice. To find behavioral health jobs in a city near you, check out the Behavioral Health Jobs website to begin a new job search today.  

Helpful Job Search Tips  

Starting a new job search can feel a little overwhelming, especially for those hitting the job market for the first time. On any given day, there are thousands of different job titles and hundreds of applicants applying for the same position. How do you make yourself stand above the crowd and increase your chances of getting an interview? Here are some beneficial job search tips that can use: 

  • Practice interviewing over Zoom with a friend using real-life interview situations.  
  • Use specific keywords in your searches, such as a psychiatrist or behavioral health technician. 
  • Keep your options for organization type open to find more available jobs.  
  • Be open to expanding your search beyond your local community or city.  
  • Join local and online networking groups and professional associations within your field of study. 
  • Create a professional social media account and join online job boards and healthcare community groups. 

When setting your search filters, remember that the more filters you apply, the fewer jobs your search may produce. Start broad, and then begin narrowing your search if you are not finding the right jobs.  

How to Spot a Fake Job Posting 

Spotting a fake job posting is easy if you know what to look for and pay attention to what you are reading. This is where those close reading skills you learned in college will pay off. Sometimes the signs are more obvious than others, like offering an exaggerated pay scale that does not fit with market trends. Other times there are less subtle signs, such as an overly flexible schedule or charging a fee for services.  

Here are some additional tips on how to spot a fake job posting. 

1. Email Communications 

When communicating via email with employers who may be fake, there are several things to look for: 

  • Poor grammar and syntax 
  • Missing company information in signatures 
  • They contact your first without having sent them a resume 
  • They want you to buy their products 

2. Upfront Payments 

Some recruiters charge for their services and will sometimes create fake postings to attract customers. While there are job headhunters that charge a fee to find you a job, they typically do not ask for money upfront and take a percentage of their client’s first-year salary, which is between 20-30%. Headhunters are for job seekers looking for senior-level positions with six-figure and higher salaries.  

3. You Receive a Job Offer Right Away  

Most healthcare positions today have a lengthy hiring process and sometimes take 2-3 interviews before making a decision. Be wary of any company that hires you on the spot or after one phone call. 

4. Vague or Poorly Written Job Descriptions 

Authentic job posts will have details about the position that include job duties, pay range, education, and work experience requirements, and a description of the company and its ideal candidate. Avoid postings that don’t list the minimum qualifications or job details.   

When you are searching through job postings, use common sense when deciding on who to send your resume and cover letter to. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is and should be avoided. Don’t fall for salaries that are above market value and promises of getting rich quickly.  

Find Behavioral Health Jobs on the Behavioral Health Jobs Website 

Learning how to spot a fake job posting can save you the headache and frustration of seeming to find the perfect job only to discover you have been duped. The Behavioral Health Jobs team does everything possible to eliminate fake postings and only give you the best available jobs in the healthcare industry. 

If you are ready to find a new career helping improve hundreds of people’s lives, check out all of the available jobs on the Behavioral Health Jobs website today.  

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