Pros and Cons of Working from Home

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Working from home may seem like an ideal situation for a lot of people, but the reality is far from perfect. Before you pack up your office and say goodbye to that daily commute, you should be familiar with the pros and cons of working from home. This type of work is not right for everyone, and you’ll need excellent organizational and time management skills to continue being effective while working remotely. 

The Behavioral Health Jobs website is your top resource for finding jobs within the behavioral health industry. Job seekers who prefer working from home can still find plenty of jobs that come with fully remote and hybrid work options. If you are new to working remotely, a hybrid work environment allows you to try remote work a few days a week.  

If you are interested in finding remote jobs in the behavioral health field, check out all of the available jobs on the Behavioral Health Jobs website.  

What Type of Healthcare Jobs Can be Done Remotely? 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced an abrupt change in our work environments.  Many companies soon discovered they could continue working efficiently with some of their staff working from home. At its peak, nearly six out of ten workers whose jobs can be done remotely were working from home efficiently with minimal drop in productivity. 

While a recall to working in the office has occurred, there are still many who continue working from home. Here is a list of the types of healthcare jobs that can be done remotely: 

  • Behavioral Health Therapists 
  • Licensed Counselors 
  • Speech-Language Pathologists 
  • Occupational Therapists 
  • Dietician/Nutritionist 
  • Licensed Practical or Registered Nurse 
  • Medical Coder/Biller 
  • Medical Transcriptionist 
  • Healthcare Software Developer 
  • Wellness Practitioner 

If you are interested in working from home with your current employer, see if they are open to allowing you to work remotely part-time. They may be open to it as there are financial benefits in remote work for employees and employers.  

If you are in the market for a remote job, check out the job search page on the Behavioral Health Jobs website. You will find hundreds of available jobs all across the country that are still looking for remote workers so they can offer telehealth care options to their patients.  

What Are the Pros and Cons of Working from Home 

For the right person, remote work can be a blessing and potentially lead to an increase in productivity and job satisfaction. It requires a lot of discipline, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to the job.  

If you are thinking about working remotely, here are some of the pros and cons of working from home: 

Pros of Working Remote 

Working remotely comes with many benefits, like a more flexible workspace and fewer distractions from disruptive co-workers. Some additional pros of working remote jobs include: 

  • Zero commute, which means savings on gas, auto repairs, or bus fare. 
  • You can work from anywhere as long as you have a quiet space, a working laptop with audio/video capability, and an internet connection. 
  • Some companies give their remote workers a lot of flexibility in managing their time as long as they continue meeting deadlines and are on time for all scheduled meetings. 
  • A better work-life balance. 

You will also see additional savings by eating at home instead of going out for a quick bite, which can cost between $15 – $20 per meal.  

Cons of Working Remote 

Before you make a commitment to remote work, you need to be aware of the darker side of working from home. Here are some of the cons of working remotely: 

  • A lack of social interaction can make some people feel isolated and may lead to isolation and depression. 
  • It is easier to fall into a routine of constantly working throughout the day and well into the evening. 
  • Internet outages can affect productivity and lead to missing meetings and video calls. 
  • Workers with small children at home may struggle to keep them out of the office and cause distractions at inopportune times. 
  • Some remote workers may not be included in future promotions if the promotion requires them to be in the office. 
  • It can be more difficult to develop relationships with newer co-workers who aren’t used to working with remote staff. 

Working remotely can be very satisfying and physically, mentally, and financially beneficial for many workers. If you are hesitant about working remotely, ask any friends who work from home or send a message asking about remote work through your social media apps for real-world feedback.  

Start a New Search for Remote Jobs at Behavioral Health Jobs 

The Behavioral Health Jobs website is an online database of jobs and career advice for the healthcare industry. Job candidates who prefer working from home can search for remote jobs in treatment centers, schools, and universities, government agencies, private practices, and other organization types.  

If you are ready for a new career change, check out all of the remote jobs on the Behavioral Health Jobs website today. 

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