Tips for Working As a Substance Abuse Counselor

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Substance abuse counselors are in high demand across the country as millions of men and women continue to struggle with addiction each year. This job is a very rewarding but challenging position that can take a toll on counselors and can potentially lead to burnout if they are not careful. There are several tips for working as a substance abuse counselor to avoid burning out and continue to support people’s recovery journey. 

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Why Choose a Career as a Substance Abuse Counselor? 

Choosing a career as a substance abuse counselor is a very worthy career path filled with many ups and downs. You will cheer when your patients succeed in their recovery goals and feel their pain when they suffer a setback.  

This job is for men and women who have a strong desire to help others and will do everything they can to help them reach their goals. It requires strong resilience, empathy, and above-average communication and listening skills. Other necessary soft skills that substance abuse counselors need include: 

  • Able to work with and empathize with people from all walks of life 
  • An interest in learning and studying human behavior 
  • Can speak confidently in small and large group settings 
  • Able to think clearly in crises 
  • Can easily maintain professional boundaries 
  • Provide unbiased feedback 

Those who go through addiction recovery can turn their struggles into a rewarding career path. Their personal experiences give them a better understanding of what addiction is really like and what it takes to stop the abuse once and for all.   

The Behavioral Health Jobs website provides you with beneficial substance abuse counselor tips so you can continue helping patients lead their best lives. These tips will keep you mentally healthy and reduce the risk of burnout, which is very high among those who treat people with behavioral disorders. 

Tips for Working as a Substance Abuse Counselor 

As a substance abuse counselor, you can experience stressful situations on a routine basis. High-stress jobs can lead to substance abuse, depression, anxiety, obesity, and a host of other mental and physical problems.  

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can prevent this from happening. Here are some tips for working as a substance abuse counselor: 

Establishing Professional Boundaries 

One of the most important tips for substance abuse counselors is having a clear separation between their work and personal lives. Working from home after hours is admirable but can cause serious problems. Spending too much time concentrating on your patient’s well-being and not your own can negatively impact your ability to continue to provide quality care.  

Spending Time Outdoors 

There are many proven health benefits to spending more time outdoors. Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D, which can improve sleep patterns and your overall mood and reduce stress levels. Other benefits of spending time outdoors include: 

  • Improves self-esteem 
  • Increases attention span 
  • A natural boost to Vitamin D levels 
  • Reduces blood pressure 
  • Decreases the risk of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse 

Regular Mental Health Care 

Those who work in the mental health or behavioral health industry know that you cannot be your own therapist. Substance abuse counselors who regularly talk with other professional therapists will greatly reduce the risk of burnout. By doing this, they are able to continue providing necessary counseling while considering their own mental health needs.  

Do the Things You Enjoy Doing Every Day 

Everyone needs a vacation, especially those who work in a high-stress job like substance abuse counseling. Spend the day doing a favorite activity or hobby. Take a weekend trip out of town. Spoil yourself on a destination vacation. The more time you spend doing the things you love, the better your mental and physical health will be. 

These are just a few of the substance abuse counselor tips that you can follow that can benefit you and your patients. Being mentally fatigued at work can lead to mistakes in the care you provide, which can become very detrimental to your patient’s well-being.  

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