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Families living with a parent or sibling struggling with addiction or other mental health disorders can be very disruptive for the entire family. It can cause frustration, anger, and heartache for families who struggle to help their loved ones as they watch them decline. The role of a family specialist helps patients struggling with mental health and everyone else in the family who is directly affected by their actions. Family specialist jobs are in high demand today, with expected job growth of 23% by 2030. 

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What Is a Family Intervention Specialist?

A family intervention specialist works with the families of patients struggling with addiction or other mental health disorders. Based on a patient’s individual treatment plan, a family specialist will work on the issues that are pulling the family apart. Just some of what a family intervention specialist will work on include:

  • Teaches everyone about mental health and how it creates negative thoughts and emotions that control their behaviors. 
  • Supports everyone’s mental health by allowing them to talk about their feelings in a safe and non-judgmental environment. 
  • Teaches family members what to look for if they suspect a loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol to hide their mental health disorder.
  • Helps everyone develop their communication and relationship skills to create a stronger family bond.

Parents and siblings can learn how they can become a part of the recovery process and create a healthy home environment when they attend sessions with a family therapist. Getting everyone on board can drastically increase the likelihood of successfully managing mental health symptoms. 

Understanding the Role of a Family Specialist?

The role of a family specialist is very beneficial in helping families rebuild trust and relationships that continue to suffer due to addiction or other mental health disorders. Here is an example of the role of a family specialist:

  • Intake assessment – A family specialist will sit with the patient and their family to assess any issues that are creating a problem and develop a treatment plan to benefit everyone. They will meet with family members at a treatment facility and at home to provide the most effective care.
  • Group and individual therapy – Families will work with the specialist in private to talk about the issues affecting them and create coping skills to handle their feelings positively. During group therapy, families talk about how their actions affect others in the family and begin working on resolving those issues. 
  • Case management – As patients and families progress through the program, the specialist will review progress with a team of professionals to make recommendations and update the treatment program. 
  • Crisis intervention – Family specialists will work with families to assist with crisis intervention as necessary. They will help families recognize the signs that their loved one is in crisis and how they can effectively stop their negative behaviors before they lead to self-harm or harming others. 

Choose Behavioral Health Jobs to Begin Your New Career as a Family Intervention Specialist

A career as a family intervention specialist is a very rewarding and challenging career choice. You will directly impact patients and their families as you work with them to resolve any issues that are hindering their health and well-being. To learn more about the role of a family specialist to see if that is a career path you want to pursue, check out the available job listings on the Behavioral Health Jobs website. 

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